Chard & District Angling Club

Club Rules

  • The use of floating baits ie pellet, bread-crust, or mixers is prohibited on Sadborow and Perry Street Pond.
  • Anyone found defecating in or around any club water will receive a suspension from fishing club waters and probably a life ban.
  • Perry Street Pond, Chard Reservoir and Sadborow are open all year.
  • The River Isle is open from the 16th June until 14th March each year.
  • Only one Rod to be used at Perry Street Pond and Sadborow, a mximum of 2 at Chard Reservior.
  • No keepnets to be used except in Club Competitions where a minimum of two must be used.
  • Barbless hooks to be used on all Club controlled waters. Micro-barbed hooks smaller than size 14 are allowed at Chard Reservoir.
  • The taking away of any fish is prohibited.
  • No live baiting.
  • No litter to be left in swims.
  • Do not disturb or harm game, wildlife, plants or crops.
  • Do not remove, plant or transplant aquatic plants except during committee organised swim clearing.
  • No firearms.
  • No parking other than in designated areas.
  • No sweepstake matches other than committee organised events.
  • No rod, pole or whips over 5 meters long to be use on the river isle where power lines are within 30 meters of the river.
  • Do not block or obstruct access routes.
  • Leave the Perry St. Pond car park by the Exit and not the No Exit.
  • Purpose made Carp sacks are permitted (One fish per sack).
  • Use a suitable unhooking mat at all times.
  • No Juniors to night fish unless accompanied by an adult member (18) at all times.
  • No child under the age of 10 can be a club member but they may fish club waters provided they are accompanied by their parent who is a senior club member over the age of 18, on a one to one basis.
  • No bicycles or motor cycles to be taken beyond the bridge at Perry Street Pond.
  • No bait to be taken to the bank in tin cans on any club controlled water.
  • No bait boats or dinghy’s.No fishing between swims.
  • A suitably sized landing net must be used.

Anyone breaking these rules may be expelled from the club.

A full set of club and match rules are detailed in the club handbook which is issued when you join or renew your membership.

All Anglers must be in possession of a valid EA fishing licence.