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Sunday 10th August 2014 - Reservior Match 1

Sunday 27th July 2014 - Perry street League Match 10

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Sunday 20th July 2014 - Perry street League Match 9

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2014 Chard Reservor Match Rules

Sunday 6th July 2014 - Perry street League Match 8

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Saturday 5th July 2014 - Junior Match 3

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Sunday 29th June 2014 - Perry Street League Match 7

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Sunday 15th June 2014 - Perry Street League Match 6

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Sunday 1st June 2014 - Perry Street League Match 5


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Sunday 25th May 2014 - Perry Street League Match 4

Sunday 18th May 2014 - Perry Street League Match 3

Sunday 4th May 2014 - Perry Street League Match 2

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Sunday 20th April 2014 - Perry Street League Match 1

For a full write of the match go to Jamie's blog Against Men and Fish

Any Carp Anglers interested in a Carp match at the Reservoir then please email the club with your details and if we have enough interested then we will arrange something.

Danny Pedley from Weymouth with a recently caught cracking 26lb common Carp from Chard Reservoir. See Carp Focus for more updates

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The AGM will be held on Friday 7th March 2014 at 8pm at the Cotley Inn.

Sunday 13th October 2013 - Reservoir League Match 7

A great performance from Mark Mockridge on peg 48 with 89lb 8oz of Bream to win today’s match. The upper 40’s was the place to be with the next best weight coming off peg 49, Freddy Roberts with 69lb 8oz of Bream. Paul Homewood in peg 46 managed 34lb 4oz to take 3rd in his section. Weights on the Dam Wall and 30’s were low with nobody breaking double figures. The rain came in midday and didn’t ease up throughout the second half of the match, making it a very uncomfortable day’s fishing.


Sunday 29th September 2013 - Reservoir League Match 6

Twenty seven anglers turned out for the third match in this 6 match series. It was nearing the end of September but the weather was still mild and sunny at times. There was no wind to put a ripple on the water and despite everyone’s efforts the Bream didn’t show in any great numbers. The Dam wall proved to be a tough section with a top weight of 9lb 15oz of Roach and Perch from peg 5. The overall winner on the day came from peg 50, Mark Hollister with 21lb 10oz. Hot on his tail in peg 40 was Allan Dunn with 20lb 12oz. Andy Winters was not far behind with 19lb 7oz on peg 48. The higher pegs produced the best weights of Bream but they had to cast a distance to get amongst them.

The other sections wins on the day were...

Sunday 15th September 2013 - Reservoir League Match 5

Match 2 in the second part of this year’s Reservoir League was greeted with strong winds blowing up the water towards the Dam Wall and then later in the day the rain desided to join in to make it that little bit more unpleaseant. So not a comfortable day’s fishing but at least some Bream were caught albeit not in the quantities as seen in previous matches. The top weight on the day came from peg 3, John Martin, who was standing in for Steve Bishop. John had a net of Bream totalling 42lb 4oz. The better weights came from the 32-40 section with Brendon Ions catching steadily at long distance throughout the match to weigh 38lb 9oz.  Andy Winters managed 36lb 8oz in peg 34 and Les Braunton had 24lb 14oz off peg 39. The 41-50 section, which normal does well, saw Pete Mills weigh in 25lb 8oz off peg 49 and Paul Homewood with 19lb 12oz in peg 50.

The anglers who framed today were....   

Sunday 1st September 2013 - Reservoir League Match 4

Today was the start of the second part of this year’s Reservoir league (matches 4 – 9 in the fixtures) and is being run over 6 matches. To start with there was an open draw to see who was fishing in each of the sections. Section A, the dam wall, covered pegs 1 to 9. Section B was the lower end of the woods, pegs 32 to 40 and Section C was the upper end of the woods, pegs 41 to 50. All anglers will rotate through each section before the next open draw.

Although the fishing wasn’t as consistent as it has been, the higher pegs produced some good weights with Mike Hosgood on peg 49 putting 55lb 12oz on the scales to take first place. Next door to Mike was Butch Baker on peg 48 who had the next best weight of 35lb 8oz and the other side of Mike was John Anderson on peg 50 who weighed 34 lb 13oz. Not far behind them was Steve Bishop on peg 47 with 30lb 2oz.

The weights for the other sections were....

Bank Holiday 2 day Charity Match

This years charity match was in aid of MND and was held at Perry Street Pond. Day 1 was overcast and windy but some good weights were recorded throughout the pond. Day 2 was sunny and hot and again there was some good fishing all round. Well done to Steve Bishop and Steve Bush who didn't drop any points over the two days and came joint first. See below for the full results. The prize giving and the charity raffle was held at the Cotley in afterwards. Early indications is that the club has managed to raise in the region of £500 for this worthy cause. Thanks to everyone for their support.

Sunday 18th August 2013 - Reservoir League (Match3)

The start of this year’s Reservoir league was set up initially for 3 matches only so today was the last match in this short series of matches. Although the water did’t fish as well as the previous match there were still some good weights coming out. Paul Homewood on peg 50 had a cracking days fishing, netting 130lb 7oz to win the match. Other weights on the day were....

Scott Russell continued his good run and won the league with 4 points. Mike Thomas came third with 6 points and third place was shared between Pete Mills and Steve Bishop who both had 8 points.

With a notable improvement in the fishing at the Reservoir there will now be a further 6 match league starting on Sunday 1st September 2013. See fixtures for all the dates. Five out of the six matches will count.


Sunday 4th August 2013 - Reservoir League (Match 2)

The scorching hot sun had gone and was replaced by the usual summer wind and rain, which was more favorable for a spot of bream fishing. A number of people couldn't make this match and didn't have substitutes so there was some empty pegs. Kevin Baker was standing in for Mark Hollister which meant we had 25 anglers split across three sections. All sections seem to have an abundance of bream in front of them and the feeder was again back in action. The Dam wall had two 130 lb plus weights, the low thirties saw 66lb, 51lb and 46lb, and in the forties the weights were 104lb 72lb and 70lb. Some great results compared with the first match two weeks ago. The results were...

Sunday 21st July 2013 - Reservoir League (Match 1)

Twenty eight anglers registered for this year's Reservoir league which is being run over 3 matches to start with. Previous practice matches had proven tough and today, with the sun beating down, was going to be no different. Steve Osborne was the run away winner with an impressive 35lb bag of silvers all caught on the pole. The other weights were not so impressive....


Sunday 14th July 2013 - Perry Street Spring League (Match 10)

The final day of this year's league was greeted by the hottest day so far this year. The results for this match was....

Steve Bush was crowned Carp league champion and singles knockout winner for this year, so well done Steve. Congratulations also goes to MIke Hosgood for winning this year's Silvers league, well done Mike.


Sunday 7th July 2013 - Perry Street Spring League (Match 9)

Round 9 was finally greated by some summer sun for a change. The results of today's was...

Today was the semi final of the singles knockout and the points awarded to each angler was.....

Which meant that....

So it will be an Andy Winters and Steve Bush battle in next weeks final.

Sunday 23rd June 2013 - Perry Street Spring League (Match 8)

Results for round 8.......

Today was the next round of the singles knockout and the points awarded to each angler was.....

which meant that....

Sunday16th June 2013 - Perry Street Spring League (Match7)

Results for round 7......

Today was the next round of the singles knockout and the points awarded to each angler was.....

which meant that....


Sunday 2nd June 2013 - Perry Street Spring League (Match 6)

Results for round 6 (another sunny day)....

Today was the preliminary round of the singles knockout and the points awarded to each angler was.....

Which meant that....


Sunday 26th May 2013 - Perry Street Spring League (Match 5)

Results for a sunny round 5...

Today was the final of the pairs knockout and the combined weight (Carp and Silvers) for each angler was...

Which resulted in.....

Well done to Andy Winters and Steve Bush.


Monster Carp caught at Chard Reservoir

Steven Wakely with his 36lb 4oz Carp from Chard Reservoir during a recent visit


Sunday 12th May 2013 - Perry Street Spring League (Match 4)

Results for today were...


Round three of the pairs knockout and the combined weight (Carp and Silvers) for each angler was...

which resulted in...



Sunday 5th May 2013 - Perry Street Spring League (Match 3)

Reader Wives Section!

Anyway, enough of Steve fiddling with his pole in the water, the results for today's match were...

Today was also round two of the pairs knockout and the points for each angler was....

and the results were....


Sunday 22nd April 2013 - Perry Street Spring League (Match 2)

Sunday 14th April 2013 - Perry Street Spring League

This year's spring league got off to a great start with some decent weights being caught. Les decided to run a Carp League and a Silver fish league, all done on aggregate weight. See the results section for the top 4 payout's in both leagues.

Sunday 17th March 2013 - Winter League Match 6

Today was the final round of the winter league and it proved to be a bit like the Six Nations England v Wales match, all down one end! Mike Hosgood dominated the match from peg 11 with 53lb 14oz. A close second was Andy Donovan in the opposite corner peg (1) with 50lb of Carp. Third place was Steve Bush with 28lb 14oz from peg 12 and fourth was Steve Bishop in peg 9 with 20lb 6oz.

Section wins went to:

Butch Baker in peg 4 with 15lb 12oz
Alan Gage in peg 10 with 20lb 2oz
Mike Collins in peg with 17lb 8oz
Chris Haines in peg 19 with 18lb 10oz (everyone else blanked in Chris’ section)

With a number of jokers still to play the top of the league was still up for grabs and Steve Bishop managed to bag 34 points to push him up in to first place ahead of Chris Haines who was previously leading the field.

Final league positions:

1st – Steve Bishop with 111 points
2nd – Chris Haines with 101 points
3rd – Andy Donovan with 99 points


Perry Street Spring League Rules 2013


Sunday 3rd March 2013 - Winter League Match 5

This was the penultimate match in this year’s winter series and the weather was still not being kind. Temperatures had dropped to below freezing overnight so the first hour was spent breaking ice with a rowing boat filled with logs and ropes tide to each end, being tugged backwards and forwards. Well it worked! Three Anglers took one look at the Pond and decided they had better things to do and headed off home. Nevertheless, Sixteen stayed to do battle and for some it provide to be a good days fishing. Peg ten again proved to be the spot to be in and Les Braunton made sure that he wasn’t going to waste this opportunity to sack up and ended up with 52lb of Carp in the net. The next best weight was 15lb off peg 7, Mark Hollister. Third place was John Anderson in peg 11 with 14lb2oz.

Section wins went to:

Chris Haines in peg 3 with 8lb 14oz
Butch Baker in peg 13 with 11lb 6oz
Mike Thomas in peg 14 with 12lb 14oz

Sunday 17th February 2013 - Winter League Match 4

A cold frost and a chilly breeze greeted everyone for today’s winter league match. Allan Dunn drew the infamous peg 10 and declared his joker to double his points but only managed second place on the day with 30lb 6oz. However peg 1 and 19 were both out of the wind and proved fruitful with Steve Osborne weighing an impressive winter weight of 45lb 8oz off peg 1 for first place and Chris Haines in peg 19 had 28lb 8oz to secure third place. Fourth place was Dave Abrams with 21lb fishing peg 12, which is proving to be another good peg.

Sections wins went to:

Steve Bush in peg 2 weighing 12lb 8oz
Alan Gage in peg 9 weighing 8lb 8oz
Mike Collins in peg 11 weighing 13lb 2oz
Steve Bishop in peg 17 weighing 6lb 8oz


Suday 3rd February 2013 - Winter League Match 3

This year’s winter league allows one joker to be played to double your points. After today’s draw four anglers decided that they would gamble for double points and it certainly paid off for Les Braunton and Andy Donovan. Les drew peg 11 and caught 45lb of Carp to take first place and 40 points. Andy weighed 24lb 14oz from peg 10 to take second place and 38 points. This puts Andy at the top of league with an accumulated score of 69 points. Mark Mockridge, who didn’t play his Joker, took third place from peg 1 with 21lb 4oz. In fourth place was Steve Bishop with 19lb 8oz off peg 19.

Section wins went to Chris Haines (peg 6, 14lb 10oz), Mark Hollister (peg 7, 14lb 10oz)  and Dave Mockridge (peg 17, 10lb)

The draw for the next match will be at 0930.

Sunday 20th January 2013 - Winter League Match 2

Despite all the snow and sub-zero temperatures the pond was ice free and primed ready for the second match in the series. We didn't expect a full turn out of anglers as some were still snowed in and the others didn’t want to brave the freezing temperature. Nevertheless fourteen anglers did turn up to fish and all of them stayed the course. It wasn't going to be a big weight match and three people unfortunately ended up blanking.  The top weight was shared between Steve Bishop (peg 6) and Butch Baker (peg 11) both with 8lb 6oz. Third place went to Steve Osborne in peg 7 with 7lb 8oz.

Section wins went to Steve Bush (peg 14, 6lb) and Mike Collins (peg 10, 5lb 14 oz)   


Sunday 6th January 2013 - Winter League Match 1

Today was the start of this year's winter league. Perry Street Pond had been out of action during December to resolve a silt and water quality issue experienced throughout 2012. Now that this was hopefully resolved the league was back on, albeit now a shorter 6 match competition. 18 Anglers signed up for a day of tough winter fishing. Everyone hoped that the new skimmers would show but as usual the bottom end of the pond seemed to produce a mix bag of Carp and Skimmers. Mike (MrT) Thomas caught well on Maggot and groundbait, with 7 carp and 4 skimmer weighing a total of 29lb 4oz from peg 12 to take top spot. Steve Bishop had 6 Carp and some bits weighing 23lb 4oz from peg 14 to take second place. Third was Andy Donovan in the infamous peg 10 with 18lb 4oz. and fourth was Les Braunton with 17lb on peg 7.

Section wins went to A) Mark Mockridge with 8lb 4oz from peg 4 B) Andy Winters with 15lb 12oz from peg 8 and C) Mike Collins with 7lb 8oz from peg 19

Xmas Fayre 2012

Twenty anglers competed in this year's Xmas fayre. The match was split into two sections with 10 pegs on the Dam Wall and 10 pegs in the Woods. The results on the day were:

The prizes were given out at the Cotley Inn followed by a splendid roast dinner.


Chard Reservoir League 2012 - Match 9

This was the last match of this year's Reservoir league and if you were lucky enough to be in any of the pegs from 35 to 39 then you would have had a reasonable days fishing, but for everyone else it was a struggle.

The winner on the day was Brendon Ions with a very impressive weight of 61lb 8oz from peg 38. Second was Denis Stepney with 36lb 6oz from peg 36. Third was Scott Russell with 27lb 12oz from peg 39. Forth was Nick Ewers with 21lb 10oz from peg 35 and fifth place was Pete Mills with 17lb 14oz from peg 37.

Section wins

    • Les Braunton 5lb 5oz
    • Mark Leahy 5lb 7oz
    • John Loader 2lb 12oz
    • Allan Dunn 9lb 4oz
    • Mike Hosgood 4lb


    Chard Reservoir League 2012 - Match 8

    Today’s match was the penultimate round of the league. Summer time was officially over and the weather reflected that, dull, windy, wet and cold. Despite the conditions twenty seven anglers turned up to do battle, and a battle for some it certainly was. The top weight of 23lb 6oz came from Steve Tucker on peg 49. Second place came from the dam wall, peg 2, with Denis Stepney weighing 19lb 5oz. Third was Mark Mockridge on peg 48 with 18lb 10oz. Fourth was Les Braunton on peg 45 with 14lb and fifth was Fred Roberts with 12lb 12oz on peg 39.

    Section wins:

    1. Andy Winters 6lb 11oz
    2. Nick Ewers 1lb 10oz
    3. Mike Hosgood 6lb 10oz
    4. Darren Roberts 7lb 8oz
    5. James Cooper 7lb
    6. Butch Baker 10lb 12oz

    The league is tight at the top with Nick Ewers and Mark Mockridge both on 19 points followed by Dave Abrams on 20 points. Steve Bishop and Steve Tucker both have 23 points.

    Junior Xmas Fayre - 2012

    The final junior match for this year was held on Saturday 20th October at Perry Street Pond. The league has seen a steady attendance of junior anglers competing in the sport and some good weights being caught early on in the season.

    The club would like to thank Mike Collins for running the events, assisted by Roy Fowler and Butch Baker. We would also like to express a big thank you to Clarke & Cridge and The Tackle Box for their continued support and sponsorship, and last but not least to the parents and the juniors who turn up each week.

    The full results can bee seen in the Junior section of the website.

    Chard Reservoir League 2012 - Match 7

    The league is now past its halfway mark and the fishing is getting tougher now the colder weather has arrived. The main catches on the day came from peg 43 onwards and even then the Bream/Skimmers favoured some spots and didn’t want to move. Nick Ewers filled two keep nets with large skimmers/Bream to take first place with 54lb 6oz from peg 49. Not far behind was Brendon Ions with 47lb 14oz on peg 43. Next peg along was Steve Bishop who was fishing the most consistent peg of this league, peg 44, and he weighed 41lb 13oz to take third place. Fourth place came from peg 46, John Loader with 28lb 7oz. Les only paid the top four today as we had three anglers out and no replacements were forthcoming!

    Section wins:

    1. Kevin Baker (Fishing for Dave Abrams)
    2. Darren Roberts
    3. Steve Osborne
    4. Mark Mockridge
    5. Andy Winters
    6. Pete Mills

    Chard Reservoir League 2012 - Match 6

    Round 6 of this year’s league and the weather for today’s match was certainly autumnal. There was a full house of 30 anglers and everyone seemed confident that the conditions were ideal for bream fishing but after the last match nobody was expecting any high weights. The strong wind blowing into the dam wall made casting difficult but the top weights came from there with Andy Winters catching 22lb 4 oz off peg 6 and Allan Dunn with 18lb 12 oz off peg 4. Nick Ewers took third from peg 38 with 18lb 6oz and fourth was Dennis Stepney in peg 34 with 14lb 7oz. Fifth place was mark Mockridge in peg 43 with 14lb 4oz.

    Section wins went to….

    1. Mark Hollister
    2. Steve Tucker
    3. Fred Roberts
    4. Paul Homewood
    5. Dave Abrams
    6. Mike Hosgood

    Please note the draw for the next match will be at 0900, fishing from 1030 until 1600 (5.5 hours)

    Chard Reseroir League 2012 - Match 5

    The high numbers pegged in the woods are still producing the biggest weights and today was no exception with the first place going to Mark Hollister with 10lb 14oz from peg 49. Second was Les Braunton on peg 50 with 37lb 6oz. Third was Mike Hosgood with 36lb 4oz on peg 38. Scott Russell took fourth place with 34lb 6oz on peg 44 and fifth was Butch Baker with 22lb 4oz from peg 47.  

    Section wins:

    1. Gary O'shea (standing in for John Loader), peg 5 with 19lb 5oz               
    2. Paul Homewood, peg 6 with 11lb 2oz
    3. Dave Abrams, peg 35 with 5lb 15oz
    4. Steve Bishop, peg 39 with 13lb11oz
    5. Dave Lawrence, peg 46 with 21lb 8oz
    6. Steve Tucker, peg 51 with 19lb 12oz


    Chard Reservoir League 2012 - Match 4

    This was match number 4 of the league and Nick Ewers was first on the day with an impressive 61lb from peg 50. James Cooper continued his good run and weighed in 42lb 12oz on peg 42, pushing him 5 clear points ahead at the top of the league. Brendon Ions, on consistent peg 44, weighed 30lb 10oz for third place. Not far behind him was Fred Roberts with 30lb 4oz on peg 47 and fifth spot was Steve Osborne on peg 1 with 28lb 15oz.

    Section wins:

    1. Dave Abrams, 22lb 14oz on peg 5
    2. Mark Leahy, 12lb on peg 10
    3. Allan Dunn, 16lb 10oz on peg 34
    4. Scott Russell, 18lb 4oz on peg 37
    5. Dennis Stepney,27lb 9oz on peg 43
    6. Nick Chedzoy (standing in for Mike Thomas) 26lb 9oz on peg 49

    Chard Reservoir League 2012 - Match 3

    After a disappointing first round match for most anglers and a mediocre second match, was today the turning point? In short, no it wasn’t. A third of the anglers failed to get any bites and the top weight was just 17lb 8oz from Paul Holmewood on peg 42. Second place with 4oz less was Steve Tucker with 17lb 4oz on peg 44. Third place was James Cooper with 16lb on peg 34, fourth was Pete Mills on peg 10 of the Dam wall with 12lb 15oz and fifth was Brendon Ions on peg 8 of the Dam Wall with 12lb 10oz.

    Section wins:


    Dave Abrams  

    Peg 1

    9lb 2oz


    Allan Dunn

    Peg 9

    8lb 10oz


    John Anderson

    Peg 31

    1lb 15oz


    Steve Osborne

    Peg 38

    6lb 10oz


    Mark Leahy

    Peg 46



    Fred Roberts

    Peg 51

    9lb 7oz

    Let’s hope the next match is more productive.

    Chard Reservoir League 2012 - Match 2

    With 15 out of 30 anglers blanking in the last match everyone hoped that this match would prove more prosperous. The water level had been lowered, the water was coloured up and there was a blow on the water surface, all the signs for a good days fishing. The only down side was the frequent heavy down pours, but despite this it was a fruitful day for some.

    Graham ‘Dino’ Pepper was the winner on the day with 63lb 11oz from Peg 1 on the dam wall. Second was Paul Homewood, standing in for James Cooper, with 52lb 6oz from peg 5 on the dam wall. Third was Steve Bishop with 38lb 10oz from peg 3 on the dam wall. Fourth was Kev Baker, fishing for Mark Hollister, with 37lb 5oz from peg 4 of the dam wall. The dam wall proved to be the most productive area, however fifth place went to Nick Ewers on peg 41 with 34lb 13oz.

    Section wins:

    1. Mike Collins
    2. Andy Winters
    3. Steve Tucker
    4. Darren Roberts
    5. Brendon Ions
    6. Dennis Stepney

    Dave Abrams decide to take a break from Bream fishing during the match and target the Carp, managing to catch a 15lb+ Carp which took him an hour to net.

    Chard Reservoir League 2012 - Match 1

    With the skies clear and the sun shining, 30 local and regional anglers gathered for the start of the 2012 Chard Reservoir league. This year's Resi League is kindly backed by Steve Tucker's (Fish O Mania finalist) sponsor Bait-Tech who will be providing ground bait as prizes. A big thank you to Bait-Tech for this generous support. This years’ league will be run in three sections which rotate between the dam wall (pegs 1 – 10), the low woods (pegs 31 – 41) and the high end of the woods (pegs 42 – 51). This means the same group of anglers will remain together and rotate through each of the three sections.

    The water was very high and very clear which resulted in half the anglers catching nothing all day which was a bit disappointing to say the least. The winning weight came from peg 35 with 23lb 8oz of bream and skimmer bream caught by Allan Dunn. Second place was Steve Bishop with 22lb 8oz from peg 45, third was Steve Tucker on peg 2 with 18lb 7oz, fourth was James Cooper with 16lb 9oz on peg 44 and fifth place went to Butch Baker on peg 43 with 13lb 12oz.


    1. Pegs 1-5              Mark Leahy
    2. Pegs 6-10            Darren Roberts and Mark Mockridge (tied on weight)
    3. Pegs 31-35          Les Braunton
    4. Pegs 36-40          Everyone blanked so no section winner
    5. Pegs 42-46          Dave Lawrence
    6. Pegs 47-51          Mark Hollister


    Reservoir League 2012 Rules

    Sunday 15th July 2012 - PS Spring League

    This was the last round of this year’s spring league and all remaining jokers had to be played today. After all the wind and rain it was good to see some sunshine to brighten things up.  The results for the day were:

    1st - Steve Bush with 61lb 12oz on peg 13
    2nd - Jamie Rich with 46lb 14oz on peg 15
    3rd - Allan Dunn with 43lb 4oz on peg 11

    Section wins:

    A – Paul Blake on peg 4 with 27lb
    B – Mark Hollister on peg 7 with 28lb 14oz
    C – Brendon Ions (fishing for John Anderson) on peg 14 with 31lb 4oz
    D – Mike Hosgood on peg 19 with 19lb 8oz

    With all the points totalled and jokers played the final league scores were very close, with Steve Bush on 102 point to take the league title and pushing Mark Mockridge, who had lead for a while, into second place with 101 points. Third place was shared by Mark Hollister and Paul Blake with 94 points and close on their tail was Jamie Rich on 92 points.

    The singles knockout between Jamie Rich and Mark Hollister was also decided today with Jamie Rich taking this year’s prestigious title!

    Well done to everyone who took part this year and congratulations to all the winners. A big thanks to Les and the team for organising and running such a successful league.

    Sunday 8th July 2012 - PS Spring League

    Chard AC members were at Perry St for the penultimate league match on Sunday. The fishing was tough for some but the leading weights were respectable. Mark Mockridge insured he stayed top with another win, this time with 47lb 14oz from peg 3. Alan Gage was second with 44lb 6oz from peg 4 on the pole and paste and Steve Bush was third with 42lb 8oz from peg 16. Section wins went to Andy Winters with 22lb 4oz from peg 7, Kevin Baker with 29lb 8oz (peg 10) and Mike Hosgood with 33lb (peg 17). Mark still leads the league with 89 points followed by Mark Hollister on 88 and Paul Blake on 84.

    1 - Mark Mockridge (Chard) - 47lb 14oz
    2 - Alan Gage (Chard) - 44lb 6oz
    3 - Steve Bush (Chard) - 42lb 8oz

    A - Andy Winters (Chard) - 22lb 4oz
    B - Kevin Baker (Chard) - 29lb 8oz
    C - Mike Hosgood (Exeter) - 33lb

    Today was also the semi final of the individual knockout, and the results were.....

    Mark Hollister (9) beat Steve Bush (8)
    Jamie Rich (6) beat Steve Bishop (5)

    So it's Jamie Rich versus Mark Hollister in next week's final

    Sunday 24th June 2012 - PS Spring League

    Round 8 and the top of the league is still tight with a number of anglers close on points. Steve Bush took top spot today with 54lb of carp caught up in the water on peg 16. Second went to Graham Pepper in corner peg 11 with 49lb 12oz and third was Paul Blake on the infamous peg 10 with 48lb.

    Section wins:

    A – Mark Mockridge on peg 4 with 37lb
    B – Jamie Rich on peg 7 with 38lb
    C – Kevin Baker (Fishing for Roy Fowler) on peg 14 with 24lb 6oz
    D – Andy Winters on peg 20 with 35lb 8oz

    The results from the singles knockout are below:

    Mark Hollister (5) beat Butch Baker (3)
    Jamie Rich (8) beat John Anderson (1)
    Steve Bush (10) beat Andy Winters (8)
    Steve Bishop (6) beat Mike Thomas (5)


    Sunday 17th June 2012 - PS Spring League

    This was round 7 of the Perry Street Spring League. Paul Blake, Les Braunton and Mike Collins all played their jokers today to double their points. Jamie Rich on peg 1 probably wished he had too as he took top spot with 36lb 12oz. Second on the day was Mark (Hoff) Hollister with 32lb 8oz from peg 15 followed closely by Mike Thomas on peg 12 with 32lb 2oz.

    Sections wins

    A – Mark Mockridge on peg 5 with 29lb 14oz
    B – Paul Blake on peg 7 with 19lb 10oz
    C – Steve Osborne on peg 13 with 15lb
    D – Steve Bush on peg 18 with 26lb

    This was also the next round of the singles knockout and the results were:

    John Anderson (6) beat Roy Fowler (1)
    Jamie Rich (10) beat Paul Blake (8)
    Steve Bush (8) beat Allan Dunn (1)
    Andy Winters (4) beat   Graham Pepper (3)
    Mark Hollister (10) beat Mike Hosgood (4)
    Butch Baker (5) beat Mike Collins (1)
    Steve Bishop (7) 19lb 6oz beat Les Braunton (7) 17lb 8oz
    Mike Thomas (9) 32lb 2oz beat Mark Mockridge (9) 26lb 14oz


    Monday 4th June 2012 - Reservoir Jubilee Match

    Chard AC held a Jubilee Match on the reservoir on Monday 4th June and the bream and skimmers really joined in the celebrations with some impressive weights banked. Les Braunton led the way with a stunning 176lb 8oz of bream and skimmers on the groundbait feeder and maggot from peg 50. Scott Russell was second and also broke the 'ton' with 100lb 4oz from peg 46. Third place went to James Cooper with 99lb from peg 1 on the dam wall and fourth place went to John 'Janders' Anderson with 86lb 14oz from peg 49.

    1 - Les Braunton - 176lb 8oz
    2 - Scott Russell - 100lb 4oz
    3 - James Cooper - 99lb
    4 - John Anderson - 86lb 14oz
    5 - Paul Blake - 63lb 4oz
    6 - Pete Mills - 60lb 8oz
    7 - Dennis Stepney - 42lb 12oz
    8 - Steve Tucker - 42lb 2oz

    Sunday 3rd June 2012 - PS Spring League

    Round 6 of the league.

    1st - Steve Tucker (fishing for Roy Fowler) - 63lb 12oz from peg 10
    2nd - Mark Mockridge - 50lb 2oz from peg 16
    3rd - Scott Russell (fishing for Mike Thomas) - 49lb 12oz from peg 3

    A - Kevin Baker (fishing for Mike Collins)- 40lb 12oz from peg 4
    B - Butch Baker - 34lb 8oz from peg 9
    C - Jamie Rich - 44lb 10oz from peg 13
    D - Steve Bishop - 26lb 10oz from 18

    Today was also the start of the singles knockout and the results were as follows:

    Scott Russell (9) beat Steve Osborne (5)
    Steve Bush (8) beat Dave Abrams (1)
    Paul Blake (4) beat Alan Gage (3)
    Butch Baker (7) beat Dave Mockridge (3)

    All the other anglers had a bye into the next round.

    Sunday 27th May 2012 - PS Spring League

    Round 5 and half way through this year's spring league. It was very hot and the fish had been spawning all week. This week's winner came from Peg 10 again with Jamie Rich weighing in with 80lb 6oz. Second was the Hoff, Mark Hollister, on peg 12 with 52lb 6oz. Third place with 41lb 8oz was Andy Winters on peg 8.

    Section wins

    A) Steve Bishop, peg 1 with 23lb 6oz

    B) Brendan Ions (fishing for Allan Dunn), Peg 7 with 19lb 2oz

    C) Paul Blake, Peg 14 with 29lb 14oz

    D) Mark Mockridge, peg 17 with 33lb 8oz

    The results of the pairs knockout final....

    Well done to Steve Bishop and Steve Bush, this year's winners

    Sunday 13th May 2012 - PS Spring League

    Today was round 4 and for a change the sun was out and it was hot. Six people chose to play their jokers to double their points. After last weeks impressive weight from peg 7, Paul Blake pulled out corner peg 10 and didn't waste much time filling up his keepnets with Carp, 134lb 8oz to be exact. This was "enough" to win on the day. Second last week and second this week was Steve Bush with 85lb 4 oz from peg 13. Third place was Graham Pepper from corner peg 1 with 66lb 8oz. Some good weights.

    Section wins

    A) Mike Hosgood, peg 5 with 28lb 12oz

    B) Mark Hollister, Peg 6 with 51lb 12oz

    C) Jamie Rich, Peg 14 with 65lb 6oz

    D) Alan Gage, peg 18 with 44lb 14oz

    It was also the semi-finals of the pairs knockout and the results were:


    Sunday 6th May 2012 - PS Spring League

    The sun was shining for round three of the Perry Street Spring League. The winner on the day, with a very impressive weight of 106lb, was Paul Blake in peg 7. Second place was Steve Bush in Peg 10 with 79lb 10oz and third was Alan Gage in peg 3 with 47lb.

    Section wins

    A) Mark Mockridge, peg 2 with 37lb

    B) Mark Hollister, peg 9 with 29lb 12oz (Is that all you had!!!)

    C) John Anderson, peg 15 with 24lb 6oz

    D) Jamie Rich, Peg 19 with 29lb 4oz

    Also round two of the pairs knockout was held today. Although Mike Collins was knockout in the previous round he was back in again to replace Allan Dunn who couldn't make the match, unfortunately Mike was knocked out again!

    The results......


    Sunday 22nd April 2012 - PS Spring League

    Graham Pepper stood on the winners podium today with 57lb 12oz from peg 2, Standing next to him was Mark Hollister in second place from 'corner peg' 1 with 46lb. Third place was Alan Gage, peg 14, with 38lb 10oz. The weights across the pond varied but considering the cool air temperature it wasn't a bad result throughout.

    Section wins

    A) Paul Blake, peg 5 with 25lb 10oz

    B) Roy Fowler, peg 10 with 26lb 8oz

    C) Mark Mockridge, peg 11 with 34lb 8oz

    D) Jamie Rich, Peg 16 with 15lb 4oz

    This week also saw the start of the pairs knockout, the results of which are below:.

    Sunday 8th April 2012 - PS Spring League

    This match was fully sold out. For this year's spring league it was agreed that anglers could fish an in-line flat bottom method feeder with a hook length not less than 8 inches. The winner of match 1 was Steve Bush with 69lb 10oz from peg 3. Steve's 14 carp were all caught up in the water on pellet. Not far behind him was Steve Bishop with 67lb 8oz on peg 14. Third place went to to Mark Hollister in peg 8 with 61lb 12oz. Some good weights to start the league off well.

    Sections wins:

    A) Dave Abrams, peg 4 with 32lb 6oz

    B) Les Braunton, peg 7 with 17lb 4oz

    C) Mark Mockridge, peg 15 with 43lb 10oz

    D) Mike Thomas, peg 17 with 32lb 8oz

    Friday 6th April 2012 - Good Friday Match

    There was a good turn out of nineteen anglers for today's Good Friday Match. It was dry, cold with sunny outbreaks during the day. Mark Mockridge in peg 11 had a flying start with 5 carp in the first hour but then the bites became less frequent and eventually dried up in the final two hours of the match. Scott Russell in peg 2 fished up in the water and caught steadily to take top spot on the day with 47lb 14oz. Paul Blake in peg 7 weighed in with 41lb 4oz to take second place. Mark Hollister in peg 3 took third place with 32lb 8oz and fourth was Steve Bush with 29lb 8oz of carp (and a 3lb 8oz Tench) on peg 18. Full results below.

    Sunday 1st April 2012 - Winter League

    This was the last match of the 2011 Winter League. The water level was up, it was still chilly and there was a north easterly wind which subsided later in the day, and for a change the sun came out. There wasn't much in it at the top of the league so it was all to play for today. The forties were the favored spots as always and Mark Hollister, who was in pole position, drew end peg 50 and ended up weighing in 45lb 12oz to take 3rd place and 3 points. Les Braunton continued his good run, drawing peg 47 and taking top place on the day with 64lb 2oz of Bream and Skimmers. Mark Mockridge was 2nd with 48lb 4oz from peg 43. Fourth was John Anderson with 42lb 4oz from peg 49. So the 40's region supreme once more.

    Section wins:

    A) Allan Dunn, peg 1 with 37lb 8oz

    B) Dave Abrams, peg 39 with 31lb

    C) Dave Mockridge, peg 48 with 29lb 6oz

    Congratulations to Mark (Hoff, corner/end pegger) Hollister for winning the league with 9 clear points. Les Braunton's win today pushed him up into 2nd place and 3rd place was shared between Allan Dunn and Dave Mockridge. Another great end to a fabulous league organised and run by Les. A big thanks from everyone.

    Sunday 18th March 2012 - Winter League

    This was the penultimate match in the 2011 winter league.Six pegs were on the Dam wall and the other thirteen were in the woods. As usual the high numbers (44 to 48) were very productive whereas all the other pegs scratched around for bites, four of which unfortunately blanked. The winner on the day was Dave Mockridge with 78lb on peg 46. Next door in peg 47 was Steve Bishop who weighed in 63lb 6oz to take second. Third was Les Braunton on peg 44 with 62lb 8oz and fourth was Mark (Hoff) Hollister with 58lb 2oz on peg 48.

    Section wins:

    A) Alan Gage, peg 5 with 20lb

    B) Steve Osbourne, Peg 41 with 35lb 14oz

    C) Dave Abrams, peg 45 with 37lb 8oz

    Today's result meant that Mark Hollister now moves into first place in the league, 9 points clear of Chris Haines.


    Sunday 4th March 2012 - Winter League

    Match 7 was greeted with the usual late winter weather of rain, wind and a cold temperature. Despite this, 18 anglers competed in today's match. For a change the corner pegs were not the most productive areas on the pond, with the top weight on the day coming from peg 14, 34lb 8oz caught by Allan Dunn. Second place was down in peg 19, Andy Winters, with 28lb 4oz. Third place was Mark Mockridge on peg 5 with 27lb 14oz. Fourth was Steve Bush with 20lb from peg 15.

    Section wins went to Dave Lawrence (peg 7), Les Braunton (peg 10) and Mark Hollister (peg 20)

    Sunday 19th February 2012 - Winter League

    With the previous matches cancelled it was good to get back out on the pond for some fishing. The air temperature was still cold and the previous night's frost was certainly not going to help today's match. The water was coloured and there was a full compliment of anglers. The favorite peg (Hoff 10) was drawn by Alan 'Picky' Gage and he made sure that it remained a wining peg with a weight of 52lb 2oz. Peg 1 took 2nd place with Dave 'Captain' Bull catching 28lb 8oz, most of which were caught late on. Third place was Chris Haines with 28lb 4oz on peg 12 and fourth place went to Butch Baker in peg 20 with 18lb 4oz.

    Section wins went to Mark Mockridge, Steve Bush, John Anderson and Mark Hollister

    Sunday 22nd January 2012 - Winter League

    It was back on Perry Street for winter league match 4. There was 18 fishing so pegs 18 and 19 were left. Peg 10 (named the Mark Hollister Peg) proved to be the best peg on the day drawn by guess who..... Mark Hollister. Mark had a very productive first few hours to weigh 66lb 12oz, which is an excellent winter weight. It was down to the other end of the pond for the next best weights. Steve Osborne in peg 20 caught steady throughout the day and weighed 33lb 12oz to take 2nd place. 4oz behind him, with 33lb 8oz, was Mike Thomas in peg 1, who took 3rd spot. Fourth place was Dave Bull (fishing for Chris Haines) on peg 14 with 26lb.

    Section wins A) Dave Mockridge B) John Anderson C) Allan Dunn

    Sadborrow Pond Restoration Update

    After many months of hard work by committee members the pond is taking shape. A large amount of silt has now been removed and measures have been pit in place to avoid any future build up. The new fishing platforms, kindly supplied by Brecknell Willis, have been assembled and installed and new otter proof fencing has been erected to protect all future fish stocks.

    Photos supplied by Steve Osborne.

    Sunday 8th January 2012 - Winter League Match 3

    Today's match was held at Chard Reservoir due to the Otter problems at Perry Street Pond. The weather was mild for January and 18 anglers turned out for round 3 of the winter league. The numbers were split into 3 sections, five on the Dam Wall, Pegs 6 to 10, six in the low end of the woods , pegs 35 to 42 and seven in the high end of the woods, Pegs 43 to 49.

    Winner on the day was Les Braunton on peg 44 with 18lb 2oz. Peg 43 was second with Mark Mockridge weighing 15lb 2oz. Third was Dave Abrams with 13lb 12oz on peg 39 and fourth was Dave (Captain) Bull (standing in for Steve Bush) on peg 46 with 12lb 6oz.

    Sections wins A) Mike Thomas B) Butch Baker C) Chris Haines

    Sunday 18th December 2011 - Xmas Fayre

    This year's Xmas Fayre was split over two venues, with 15 Anglers competing on Chard Reservoir and 14 on Perry Street Pond. A layer of thin ice had formed on Perry Street pond so it was no surprise when 8 blanked come the end of the match.

    The results and prize giving was all done back at the Cotley Inn, followed by a roast dinner and a raffle. Thanks to Oscar Mayer Limited for their kind donation of raffle prizes, the proceeds of which will be put in the next charity match. Thanks to the Cotley Inn for a fantastic meal and once again thanks to Les Braunton for organising the whole event.

    Merry Xmas everyone.

    Sunday 4th December 2011 - Winter League

    The fish seemed to have moved up to the near end of the pond looking at today's winning weights. Allan Dunn took top spot with 24lb 5oz from peg 17. In second place was Dave Abrams on peg 2 with 20lb 10oz. Third place was Mark Hollister with 18lb 14oz on peg 20 and in fourth place was Steve Osborne with 13lb 10oz from peg 19.

    Section wins A) Butch Baker B) Chris Haines C) Les Braunton.

    Sunday 27th November 2011 - Reservoir League - Match 9

    Today was the final leg of this year's Reservoir League. Pegs in the 40's have dominated this year league and today was no exception, with Mike Bendell weighing in 69lb 2oz from peg 50. Second place went to Mark Mockridge on peg 48 with 53lb 12oz. Third was Alex Murray on peg 41 with 52lb 8oz. Fourth was Nick Ewers (standing in) with 39lb 8oz on peg 44 and in fifth place was Graham Pepper on peg 6 with 39lb 7oz.

    Section wins A) DAve Abrams and Darren Roberts B) Dennis Stepney and Scott Russell C) Fred Roberts and Butch Baker.

    There was a tie for first place in the League between Mark Leahy and Steve Tucker both on 17 points. Well done to both of them. Third place was Scott Russell on 21 points. Fourth was Alex Murray on 27 points. Fifth was Les Braunton on 30 points and sixth place was shared between Darren Roberts and Mark Mockridge.

    A big thanks to Les for organising and running this years Resi League.

    Sunday 20th November 2011 - Winter League

    This was the start of this year's winter league. Matches will be split between Perry Street and the Reservoir with details being posted on the web site as they become available.

    Mark Hollister drew peg 10 and made sure that he wasn't going to waste this opportunity. He bagged 56lb 2oz of Carp to take top spot. Allan Dunn was on peg 3 and managed to bag a few carp to give him second place with 27lb 2oz. Third place was Steve Bishop with 26lb 8oz on peg 14. Fourth place was on the next peg, 13, with Dave Mockridge catching 18lb 6oz.

    Section wins A) Steve Bush B) Mark Mockridge C) Les Braunton D) Chris Haines

    Sunday 13th November 2011 - Reservoir League - Match 8

    Top weight on the day came from peg 50, Andy Winters with 27lb 8oz. Second was Fred Roberts with 16lb 15oz off peg 45. Third was George Perkins (standing in for Ashley Tomkins) with 16lb 6oz from peg 34. Fourth place went to Brendon Ions on peg 51 with 15lb 9oz and fifth place was Les Braunton with 15lb 8oz from peg 7.

    Section wins A) Mark Leahy and Alex Murray B) Scott Russell and Steve Bishop C) John Loader and Graham Pepper.

    The last match of this series is on the 27th November. Next week sees the start of the winter league, with the first and second match being held at Perry Street pond.

    Sunday 30th October 2011 - Reservoir League - Match 7

    Steve Tucker makes it two in a row, with 83lb 4oz from peg 44 to take first place. Mike Bendell secured second place from peg 2 on the Dam Wall, with 47lb 13oz. Third spot was back in the woods from peg 43, Mark Leahy, with 41lb 14oz. Les Braunton was not far behind with 40lb 11oz from the Dam wall's peg 6. Mark Mockridge was fifth with 38lb 2oz on peg 49.

    Section wins A) Scott Russell and Alan Gage B) Steve Bishop and Butch Baker C) Dennis Stepney and Brendan Ions.

    Sunday 16 October 2011 - Reservoir League - Match 6

    Although the pegs in the 40's continue to produce the higher weights, today's match was won on the Dam wall, with Steve Tucker, Peg 6, producing a staggering 75lb 7oz of Bream and Skimmers. Second place went to Scott Russell on peg 48 with 70lb 5oz, second place was Paul Homewood (standing in for Alex Murray) with 55lb 8oz from peg 49, fourth was Dave Mockridge on peg 47 with 52lb 11oz and fifth place went to Darren Roberts on peg 50 with 47lb 10oz.

    Section wins A) Dennis Stepney and Mike Collins B) Allan Dunn and Mark Mockridge C) Les Braunton and Steve Bishop.

    Sunday 2 October 2011 - Reservoir League - Match 5

    The 40's do it again. Brendon Ions takes top spot with an impressive 91lb on peg 49. Next was Dave Abrams with 71lb 11oz from the next peg (50) and third place is the next peg along again (51) with Scott Russell weighing 71lb 2oz. Fourth place is was further down the water, in peg 43, Mike Bendel with 69lb 15oz and next door to him on peg 44, was Darren Roberts with 66lb lb 9oz.

    Section wins A) Steve Tucker and Alan Gage B) James Cooper and Les Braunton C) Mark Mockeridge and Allan Dunn.

    Sunday 18 September 2011 - Reservoir League - Match 4

    All the tops weights today came from Pegs 46 to 50. Winner on the day was Allan Dunn with 84lb 14oz from peg 47. Second place went to Mark Leahy, who continues his good run, with 75lb7oz from peg 50. In third place was Matt Parsons with 71lb 15oz from peg 48. Dave Abrams took fourth spot with 70lb 9oz from peg 46 and Les Braunton came fifth with 63lb 4oz from peg 49.

    Section wins A) Nick Ewers (standing in for John Loader) and Gary Oshea (standing in for Mark Hollister B) Steve Tucker and Steve Osborne C) Paul Blake and Fred Roberts

    Sunday 11 September 2011 - Reservoir League - Match 3

    After a short break it was round 3 of the Resi League.

    Mark Leahy took top spot with 121lb 7oz from peg 34. Second was Ian Parsons (standing in for John Loader) with 119lb from peg 39. Third place went to Steve Tucker on peg 45 with 87lb 4oz. Fourth place was Mike Hosgood with 83lb 4oz on peg 1 and filth place was taken by Alex Murray with 73lb 6oz on peg 48.

    Section wins went to A) Gary Osmer (standing in for Fred Roberts) and Darren Roberts B) Brendon Ions and Butch Baker C) Steve Osborne and Dave Mockridge.

    After three rounds Mark Leahy leads the league with 3 points.

    Sunday 21 August 2011 - Reservoir League - Match 2

    Round 2 - full results are on the results tab.

    Winner on the day was Mark Leahy with 85lb 10oz from peg 48. Second was Darren Roberts on peg 46 with 68lb 7oz. Third was Dave Abrams with 63lb 15oz on peg 42. Fourth spot was taken by Graham Pepper on peg 6 with 44lb 10oz, closely followed by Ian Parsons (standing in for Steve Tucker) with 44lb 3oz from peg 44.

    Section wins went to A) Allan Dunn and Scott Russell B) Dave Lawrence and Andy Winters C) Brendon Ions and Alex Murray.

    Sunday 7th August 2011 - Reservoir League - Match 1

    Thirty Two anglers turned up for round one of this year's Reservoir League. The match was split into 3 sections, the Dam Wall, Pegs 30 to 39 and Pegs 41 to 51. 1st in the section would be awarded 1, 2nd 2 points and so on. If you did not weigh in then you would be penalised with 15 points.

    Winner on the day was Dave Abrams with 63lb 10oz from peg 42. Close behind him with 63lb 6oz was Alex Murray, peg 47. Third place went to Matt Parsons on peg 48 with 56lb 15oz. Fourth was Mark Leahy on peg 36 with 52lb 7oz and in fifth place was Dave Mockridge with 50lb 8oz. Not a bad start to the league looking at all these weights.

    Section wins went to A) Steve Osborne and Ashley Tomkins, B) John Anderson and Scott Russell and C) Les Braunton and Dave Lawrence

    Sunday 24th July 2011 - Charity Match

    The club raised £250 towards the Devon and Cornwall Childrens Hospice. This charity is supported by the Cotley Inn who will be holding a hog roast on August 20th in aid of the same charity.

    Results on the day.....

    Sunday 10th July 2011 - Perry Street League

    This was the last match in this year's Spring League and the singles final between Steve Bush and Steve Bishop. Andy Eagle was standing in and drew Peg 10, and although this was his first time at the venue he made the most of a corner peg and netted 69lb 7oz on paste to win the match. His driving partner, Chris Haines, also made the most of his corner peg (20) and caught an impressive 60lb 13oz. Third place went to Steve Bush on peg 2 with 56lb 15oz. Steve's good run not only won him the match but the singles knockout and the league as well. Congratulations Steve.

    Sections wins went to Jamie Rich, Paul Blake, Mark Hollister and Steve Bishop.

    Saturday 9th July 2011 - Junior Match

    A good turn out of young anglers who fished the 3 hour match at Perry Street. The results were.....

    Sunday 3rd July 2011 - Perry Street Spring League

    Today was the penultimate round of the league and it was scorching hot. The winner on the day with an impressive weight from peg 17 was Chris Haines with 98lb 6oz. Second was Steve Bush with an equally impressive weight of 84lb 12oz from peg 6. Third was Les Braunton with a weight of 68lb 9oz from peg 11.

    Sections wins went to Steve Osborne, Graham Pepper, Andy Langdon and Allan Dunn.

    Reservoir Rules for this year's league matches.

    Please take note of the following rules if your are fishing this year's league matches

    Sunday 19th June 2011 - Perry Street Spring League

    Match 8 was accompanied by some sunshine for a change.

    Winner on the day was Mark Hollister in peg 11 with 77lb 3oz. Second was Steve Bush with 55lb 6oz from peg 7 and Paul Blake took third place 44lb 8oz from peg 6.

    Section wins went to Graham Pepper, Butch Baker, Les Braunton and Mike 'Feeder' Collins


    Sunday 12th June 2011 - Perry Street Spring League

    Match 7 was greeted with the traditional british summer time weather, heavy rain and strong winds. Despite the uncomfortable conditions the weights in general were not bad with over half the field weighing in over 25lb each.. Winner on the day was Terry Green from the 'not so favoured' peg 3. He weighed in a impressive 60lb 14oz. Second was Chris Haines with 43lb 15oz from peg 16. Third was Steve Bishop on the next peg, 17, with 39lb 15oz.

    Section wins went to Alan Dunn, Paul Blake and Mike Hosgood.

    Sunday 5th June 2011 - Work starts on giving Sadborrow Pond a new lease of life.

    After otters decimated the fish stocks at Sadborrow a couple of years ago, the club have decide to give the pond a new lease of life. Committee members formed a working party to start to clear the undergrowth and prune the surrounding trees. All old fishing platforms have now been removed, the water level drained down and banks cleared. The plan is to remove a lot of the silt, erect otter proof fencing and install new platforms that have been made and donated by staff at Brecknell Willis in Chard.

    More news on this as we progress.

    Sunday 29th May - Perry Street Spring League

    Match 6. Chris Haines remained on top form and took the top spot for the second week in a row. This week it was off peg 7 with 83lb 3oz. Second place went to Alan Gage on peg 11 with 53lb 8oz. Terry Green was third with 46lb 14oz.

    Section wins went to Steve Bush, Steve Bishop, Roy Fowler and Dave Lawrence.

    Sunday 22nd May - Perry Street Spring League

    This was match 5 of the 10 match series. Winner on the day was Chris Haines with 59lb off peg 4.Opposite Chris was Terry Green on peg 16 who weighed in 46lb 15oz to take second place. Third spot went to Steve Bush on peg 13 with 39lb 6oz.

    Section wins: Butch Baker, Mike Hosgood, Paul Blake and Alan Gage

    Sunday 8th May - Perry Street Spring League

    Today was round four of the Perry Street Spring League and the final of the pairs knockout. First of the day was Mike Thomas with 66lb 10oz from peg 10. Second was Les Braunton with 54lb 5oz in peg 7. Third place went to Steve Bishop with 51lb 5oz.

    Section wins: Jamie Rich, Steve Bush, Dave Lawrence and Alan Gage.

    Sunday 1st May - Perry Street Spring League

    Terry Green took top spot today from peg 11 with over 111lb of Carp. Second place went to Chris Haines with 53lb 7oz from peg 4 and third place was taken by Steve Bush on peg 14 with 51lb 3oz.

    Section wins - Les Braunton, Jamie Rich, Steve Osborne and Alan Gage.

    Friday 22nd April - Good Friday Match

    Peg Angler
    1 Mike Hosgood 25.00  
    2 Steve Bishop 42.03 Section
    4 Butch Baker 23.08  
    5 Terry Green 32.01  
    6 Steve Bush 70.14 1st
    7 Alan Gage 45.10 Section
    8 Roy Fowler DNW  
    9 Dave Abrams 20.15  
    10 Scott Russell 62.13 3rd
    11 Mike Collins DNW  
    12 Paul Blake 68.10 2nd
    13 John Anderson 17.08  
    14 Dave Lawrence 25.04  
    15 Mark Hollister 41.13 Section
    17 Les Braunton DNW  
    19 Jamie Rich 31.11  
    20 Steve Osborne 19.02  


    Sunday 10th April 2011 - Perry Street Spring League

    Round two of the Spring League.

    1st Mark Hollister from peg 14 with 54lb 12oz

    2nd Jamie Rich with 48lb 12oz from peg 6

    3rd Chrish Haines with 44lb 12oz from peg 7

    Section wins - Paul Blake, Steve Bishop, Mike Hosgood and Butch Baker

    Sunday 3rd April 2011 - Perry Street Spring League

    This was the first match of this popular league and as usual all pegs were taken.

    1st Steve Bush with a record breaking 115lb 15oz, 32 Carp from peg 10. Well done Steve.

    2nd Terry Green from peg 19 with 51lb 7oz, fishing paste.

    3rd Paul Blake with 50lb 12oz from peg 7.

    Section wins went to Mark Hollister, Steve Bishop, Mike Thomas ans Allan Dunn.

    Sunday 20th March 2011 - Winter League Match

    This was the final match of the winter league and the sun was shining at last. The results from today:

    1st Steve Bishop, 59lb from peg 7

    2nd Mark Leahy, 43lb 10oz from peg 1

    3rd Alan Gage, 35lb 13oz from peg 17

    4th Dan Ball, 33lb 2oz from peg 9 standing in for Chris Haines

    Section wins - Jamie Rich, Mark Mockridge, Mike Bendall and Dave Lawrence

    Well done to Mike Hosgood who took this year's winter league title with 20 points. Second place went to Steve Bishop with 23 points, third place was Alan Gage with 28 points and fourth place was Chris Haines with 33 points.

    Sunday 6th March 2011 - Winter League Match

    Today was round 8 of this 9 match winter league. Mike Hosgood is now set to take this year's league title after another successful points victory. Everyone was pegged in the woods and it was clear from the weights that the higher pegs had more success. Winner on the day was Steve Bishop with 29lb 12oz from peg 47. Second was Paul Blake with 28lb 4oz from peg 48, Third, Alan Gage on peg 43 with 22lb 12oz and fourth went to Mike Hosgood on peg 42 with 18lb 14oz.

    Section wins went to Mike Thomas and Dave Lawrence.

    The final league match will be held at Perry Street Pond on Sunday 20th March 2011.

    Sunday 20th February 2011 - Winter League Match

    Sunday 6th February 2011 - Winter League Match

    Round 6 was held at Perry Street Pond and it was ice free for a change. The change in weather during the week and the wind direction seemed to have driven the fish down to the near end of the pond, with peg 1 and 20 taking first and second place. Peg 1, Mark Leahy with 45lb 6oz and Dan Ball (standing in for Chris Haines) on peg 20 with 39lb 7oz. Dave Mockridge set up his 11 foot rod and fished the bomb to take 3rd place with 30lb 5oz from peg 4. Not far behind was Alan Gage with 29lb 2oz in peg 8.

    Section wins went to Paul Blake, Steve Bishop, Roy Fowler and Allan Dunn.

    Sunday 24rd January 2011 - Winter League Match

    Perry Street Pond was frozen over again after heavy frosts during the week, so the venue was switched to the Reservoir. Les pegged out 4 on the Dam Wall and the rest throughout the woods. Although the weights were not as good as the previous week due to the Bream not showing, skimmers were present in some areas and 4 anglers managed to weigh in double figures. Winner on the day was Chris Haines on peg 42 with 13lb 10oz. Second was Steve Bishop with 12lb 12oz on peg 34. Third was Allan Dunn with 12lb from peg 43.

    Section wins went to Dave Ball, Mark Mockridge, Mike Hosgood and Steve Osborne.

    A rare bit of winter sun for five minutes.

    Sunday 16th January 2011 - Winter League Match

    Round 4 of the winter league was met with typical winter weather, wind, rain with a slight chill. Nevertheless there was a good turn out of anglers eager to do battle with the elements and the fish. Dave Abrams got off to a flying start with a number of skimmers and Roach in the first hour. The good luck (and skill!) continued on for the rest of the match and Dave took top spot with over 35lb of fish. Second went to Steve Bishop on the Dam Wall with an impressive 24lb and not that far behind him was Allan Dunn with over 20lb from peg 43. Fourth place went to Alan Gage with 14lb 6oz from peg 8.

    Section wins - Mark Leahy, Paul Blake and Mike Hosgood

    Butch Baker reeling in a Skimmer.

    Next match will be at the Reservoir on the 23rd January.

    Sunday 9th January 2011 - Winter League Match

    The best bites of the day were had at the Cotley Inn breakfast table by the sounds of it. Ice had reformed on the pond which meant more ice clearing before the match could start. For some this was just too much and they returned home. Fourteen remained and scratched around all day for bites (spot the pattern)......not the best days fishing! Nevertheless Dave Mockridge triumphed with 1lb 4oz followed closely by Dave Lawrence with 14oz and so on....

    Full results on the results tab. Section wins went to Mark Mockridge, Steve Bishop, Les Braunton (despite losing a carp) and Mike Hosgood.

    Next week the match is back on the Reservoir, lets hope for some rod bending action!!! ...............please

    Sunday 2nd January 2011 - Xmas Fayre

    This was the first opportunity to rearrange the Xmas Fayre to a day with no snow or ice, well at least no snow anyway. Les and Oz had been out during the week breaking the 4" thick ice on the Perry Street pond to allow the match to go ahead, Thanks lads, and we mean THANKS!

    As expected the fishing proved tough, the water was very cold and space to fish in was limited. Most people scratched around for bits to avoid blanking and the others stuck it out in the hope that an odd carp would take the bait. Mike Thomas managed to hook an early carp to then see it disappear under the ice to never be seen again. Steve Chant did managed to find one of those illusive creatures and then weighed in 6lb 3oz to win the match from peg 1.

    A great meal was then waiting for everyone back at the Cotley Inn and everyone received some fantastic prizes.

    Peg Angler
    1 Steve Chant 6.03 1st
    2 Allan Dunn DNW  
    3 Mark Hollister 0.03  
    4 Mark Mockridge 0.03  
    5 Brendon Ions 0.04  
    6 Dave Abrams 0.01  
    7 Les Braunton 2.08 3rd
    8 Mike Hosgood 0.04  
    9 Steve Bishop DNW  
    10 John Anderson 0.02  
    11 Mike Thomas 0.02  
    12 Chris Haines 1.01  
    13 Mick Ball 0.01  
    14 Dave Lawrence 0.09  
    15 Butch Baker 4.09 2nd
    16 Alan Gage 0.04  
    17 MIke Collins 0.01  
    18 Steve Osborne 1.13 4th
    20 Dave Mockridge DNW  


    Sunday 28th November 2010 - Winter League match 2

    This match was moved to the Reservoir as most ponds were frozen over. With the temperature below freezing all day the fishing proved to be very tough. Nine anglers, pegged in the wood,s caught nothing and four of them packed up and retired early. The Dam Wall proved to be the better end with everyone catching. The winning weight was 15lb 8oz, peg 6, Mike Hosgood. Second place was Dave Mockridge with 11lb 1oz from peg7. Third was Dave Bull from peg 8 with 6lb and fourth was Chris Haines with 5lb 14oz from peg 5. Section win went to Brendan Ions on peg 4 who was standing in for Alan Gage.

    Next match is scheduled for Highland Dairy Lakes at Hewish, weather permitting.

    Sunday 17th October 2010 - Reservoir League

    This was the penultimate match in this years league and with no run-away winner, it was all to play for. The cold weather probably meant that weights were not going to match those see on the 3rd October. Nevertheless weights were reasonably good with first place coming from peg 6 on the Dam wall with Paul Blake caching 42lb 4 oz. Second place went to Steve Osborne in peg 48 with 40lb 15oz. Third place was taken by Scott Russell with 38lb 13oz from peg 8 (Dam Wall) and fourth place went to Steve Bishop with 33lb from peg 47.

    Sections wins went to George Perkins, Terry Green, Mike Hosgood, Mark Mockridge, Les Braunton and Alan Gage.

    Sunday 3rd October 2010 - Reservoir League

    It's now October and today's match was greeted with strong winds and rain. Nevertheless this didn't dampen the spirits of 28 anglers who braved the elements to compete in Match 6 of this league. Winner of the day with 144lb of Bream was N Ewers (fishing for Matt Parsons) on peg 45. Second place went to Mark Leahy with 104lb of Bream from peg 34. Third was Steve Bishop on peg 1 of the Dam Wall with 97lb of Bream/Skimmers and Graham Pepper on peg 4 with 74lb took fourth place.

    Section wins went to Mark Mockridge, Ashley Tomkins, Chris Whitfield, Scott Russell, Nigel Garrett (fishing for Allan Dunn) and Denis Stepney.

    This was an exceptional days fishing for most anglers with over 1,325 lbs of fish being caught.

    Sunday 19th September 2010 - Reservoir League

    Another good turn out with 29 fishing match 5 of this league. First place went to Dan Williams on Peg 45 with 53lb 5oz, followed closely by George Perkin, two pegs down with 53lb 2oz. Third place went to Alan Gage on peg 49 with 46lb 2oz. Fourth place was Dave Lawrence on peg 39 with 45lb 8oz. Still some good weights coming out on a few good pegs.

    Section wins went to: Section A - Dave Abrams and Mark Mockridge. Section B - Ashley Tomkins and Suzy (fishing for Matt Parsons) and Section C- Mike Hosgood and Graham Pepper

    Sunday 5th September 2010 - Reservoir League

    This was match 4.

    Winner on the day with 49lb 4oz from peg 50 was George Perkins. Second was Mark Leahy with 44lb 10oz on peg 46. Ashley Tomkins fished the pole, and despite spending a considerable amount of time playing a pike, he weighed in with 40lb 1oz from peg 36 to take 3rd place. Fourth went to Paul Blake with 37lb 3oz on peg 47.

    Section wins went to: Section A - Alex Murray and Denis Stepney. Section B - Dave Abrams and Matt Parsons and Section C - Mike Hosgood and Bob Hammond.

    Sunday 29th and Monday 30th August 2010 - 2 Day Charity Match

    This year's 2 day charity match was held at Chard Reservoir and raised £200 for Cancer Research. Twenty two anglers endured wind and rain on day one and blistering sunshine on day 2. Day one saw Paul Blake smash the Reservoir match record with 230lb 4oz of Bream off peg 50. A big thanks to Les for organising the event, the ladies who organised and served up some lovely food for everyone and those that donated some great raffle prizes.

    The full results for the two days.....

    Sunday 22nd August 2010 - Reservoir League (3)

    Thirty anglers turned out for round 3 of this popular league. This proved to be an exceptional days fishing for most anglers with 1,142 lb of fish being caught overall, of which 452lb was caught from the Dam Wall.

    First place came from peg 8, Steve Tucker (standing in for Dan Williams) with 84lb.

    Not far behind him was George Perkins with 70lb 1oz from peg 44, which was the winning peg on the last match.

    Third place went to Chris Whitfield with 68lb 6oz from peg 7 on the Dam Wall.

    One of those lovely Bream, which helped Les take 4th place with 66lb 2 oz on peg 48. His sponsor is keeping a watchful eye on his performance from now on...


    Section wins went to Paul Blake, Mark Leahy, Butch Baker, Denis Stepney, John Anderson and Steve Osborne.

    There are some situations where size does matter Scotty.

    Ashley on the pole.

    Mark Leahy with one of his Breams in the middle of a whirlpool

    Steve Bishop in action....

    Mike Hosgood, "the thinker"...

    Steve Osborne on sentry duty....

    Photographs courtesy of Steve Chant

    Sunday 8th August 2010 - Reservoir League (2)

    This was round 2 of the league with 29 anglers competing in this match. Total weight caught on the day was 841lb of Bream, Skimmers and Roach, an average of 29lb a peg. Top weight on the day came from peg 44, Chris Whitfield with 79lb 8oz. Second place went to Denis Stepney with 64lb of waggler caught fish on peg 50. Third place came from the Dam Wall, peg 8, Mark Leahy with 57lb 1oz. Fourth place went to John Loader on peg 39 with 46lb 13oz.

    Sections wins went to Matt Parsons, Steve Osborne, Dan Williams, Les Braunton, Steve Bush (fishing for Andy Langdon) and Alan Gage.

    Sunday 25th July 2010 - Reservoir League (1)

    Today was the start of the ever popular Chard Reservoir League. Twenty Seven anglers signed up for what proved to be a cracking days fishing with good weights of Bream, Skimmers and Roach. Dave Abrams had a flying start with over 54lb from peg 34. Ashley Tomkins, fishing the Pole in Peg 50 caught over 53lb of fish to secure 2nd place. Third place went to Dave Lawrence on peg 5 of the Dam Wall with 45lb 12oz followed closely by Chris Whitfield with 45lb 9oz.

    Next match in 2 weeks time.

    Sunday 18th July 2010 - Perry Street League

    This was the final match of the 2010 Perry Street League. Chris Haines had already secured his position on the podium, but it was all to play for for 2nd and 3rd spots. Steve Bishop, who drew peg 11, made sure he didn't waste his opportunity to gain maximum points on the day with 46lb 12oz and secured himself 3rd place in the league. Paul Blake, had an impressive 33lb 11oz from peg 7, giving him 2nd place in the match. Peg 10 was fished by Dave Abrams and he managed to take 3 place on the day with 30lb 8oz. Section wins went to Terry Green, Alan Gage, Graham Pepper and John Anderson.

    The overall league winner was Chris Haines who ended up 22 points clear at the top of the leader board. Well done Chris. Les Braunton was 2nd and Steve Bishop was 3rd.

    The singles knockout was won by Alan Gage and the doubles winners were Les Braunton and Steve Bush.

    For those of you who wanted to know how each of the pegs performed at Perry Street Pond this year, here is a little reminder of the accumulated points for each of the pegs. You didn't want peg 17!


    Sunday 4th July 2010 - Perry Street League

    The penultimate match of the league, number 9. Chris Haines took 15 points off peg 16 to put him 20 points clear of his next rival in the league. It is probably safe to say he has won this year's league. Les moved up into 2nd place, followed closely by Mark Hollister and Allan Dunn. Terry Green took full advantage of peg 11 and took first place on the day with 38lb 14oz. Steve Osborne caught early on in the match and despite getting tangled up with Graham Pepper on the next peg whilst playing a hard fighting Carp, he secured 2nd place with 31lb 10oz. Third place went to Jamie Rich on peg 6 (again) with 24lb 15oz. Section wins went to Steve Bishop, Paul Blake, Les Braunton and Chris Haines.

    This was also the final of the pair knockout. Les Braunton and Steve Bush beat Alan Gage and Chris Haines by 1 point. Well done lads!

    Sunday 27th June 2010 - Perry Street League

    This was round 8 of the league. Go to Jamie's blog for a full run down of the day. (link above)

    Saturday 26th June 2010 - Junior League

    Today was the start of the Junior league matches. See the Junior section for full results.

    Sunday 6th June 2010 - Perry Street League

    A full house again for round 7, with some reserves being drafted in to fish for those that had taken themselves off to sunnier climates. Although we couldn't fault the English weather for this match. Chris Haines continued on with his good run by taking first place and maximum points from peg 14 with 44lb .This takes Chris 13 points clear in the league. Will anybody be able to catch him? Second place went to Allan Dunn on peg 12 with 34lb 15oz and third place was taken by Mike Hosgood on peg 7 with 30lb 6oz, despite breaking his pole....which seemed to be a common theme for the day as Graham Pepper managed to break and lose sections of his pole and Dave Lawrence snapped his top expensive day for some! Sections wins were awarded to Paul Blake, who did well in peg 2, Alan Gage ( Peg 10), Mark Hollister (Peg 11) and Terry Green (18).

    The next round of the pairs....

    Through to the next round
    Steve Bishop (2pts)
    Steve Osborne (7pts) Steve Osborne
    Allan Dunn (19pts) Terry Green (15pts) Terry Green
    Jamie Rich (6pts)
    Alan Gage (17pts) Alan Gage
    Mike Collins (11pts) Mark Hollister (14pts) Mark Hollister
    Steve Bush (13pts)
    Butch Baker (8pts) Steve Bush
    Paul Blake (16pts) Graham Pepper (10pts) Paul Blake
    Chris Haines (20pts)
    Dave Abrams (9pts) Chris Haines
    Les Braunton (12pts) Mike Thomas (5pts) Les Braunton


    Sunday 30 May 2010 - Perry Street League

    Round 6 of the league and the start of the pairs knockout. The fish had stopped spawning and the weather was reasonable, although not as hot as the previous week. Everyone had the chance of a corner peg again and this week Les Braunton pulled out peg 10 (the punters favorite) and didn't waste the opportunity to bag up 28lb 11oz of carp and pushed himself back into 2nd place in the league. However he was out fished on the day by Allan Dunn who drew peg 11 and took top spot with over 38lb. Butch Baker had a cracking day on peg 12 with 5 carp and a Tench weighing over 17lb. This gave him 3rd place. Sections wins went to Paul Blake, Roy Fowler, Mark Hollister and Terry Green.

    This was the preliminary round of the pairs knockout and the results were.....

    Through to the next round
    Roy Fowler (14pts)
    Les Braunton (19pts) Les Braunton
    John Anderson (10pts) Mike Collins (6pts) Mike Collins
    Mike Hosgood (7pts)
    Butch Baker (18pts) Butch Baker
    Darren Roberts (9pts) Steve Osborne (2pts) Steve Osborne


    Sunday 23 May 2010 - Perry Street League

    The weather was scorching hot for round 5 of the league. Steve Osborne had a great day's fishing on peg 10, taking first place with 54lb 10oz of carp all caught on banded pellet. Second place came from peg 13 with Steve Bishop catching 27lb 15oz. Third place went to Butch baker on peg 11, with 22lb 4oz. The bottom end of the pond continues to fish extremely well. Section wins went to Alan Gage, Chris Haines, Mark Hollister and Allan Dunn.

    Today also saw a closely fought battle between Chris Haines and Alan Gage for the title of individual knockout champion. There was only 3oz between them on the final weigh in but Alan 'Picky' Gage managed to take the top spot. Well done Alan.

    Sunday 2nd May 2010 - Perry Street League

    Round 4 of the League. They forecasted rain and they were correct. Les B pulled out peg 10 from the bucket and didn't waste the opportunity to gain maximum points on the day with 47lb of carp. Second spot went to Darren Roberts on Peg 11 with 39lb. Spot the pattern here! Third place went to last weeks winner, Mark Hollister, who weighed in 29lb from peg 16. Section wins went to John Anderson, Mike Hosgood, Dave Abrams and Graham Pepper.

    This week was the semi-finals of the individual knockout...

    Through to the final..
    Butch Baker
    Alan Gage Alan Gage
    Chris Haines
    Allan Dunn Chris Haines


    Sunday 25th April 2010 - Perry Street League

    Today was round 3 of this popular league. Paul Blake took over Steve Chant's place following a disappointing first two matches for Steve. The weather wasn't good and the fishing for some was no better. Most fish seemed to be located in the top end of the pond where the wind had been blowing. Mark Hollister made the most of corner peg 10, amassing over 63lb of fish to take top spot. Opposite him on peg 11 was Chris Haines who weighed in 38lb for 2nd place. Graham Pepper on peg 9 took 3rd place with 27lb. Section wins went to Les Braunton, Jamie Rich, Roy Fowler and Paul Blake.

    This was also the next round of the individual knockout.....

    Through to the next round
    Butch Baker
    Mike Thomas Butch Baker
    Steve Bush
    Chris Haines Chris Haines
    Allan Dunn
    Mike Hosgood Allan Dunn
    Darren Roberts
    Alan Gage Alan Gage


    Friday 2nd April 2010 - Perry Street Good Friday Match

    Despite the very poor weather conditions, all pegs where taken for this year's Good Friday match. A lot of cold water had gone into the pond over-night making the fishing conditions far from ideal. Scott Russell took an early lead with a Carp weighing 14lb 14oz. from peg 8. Les Braunton managed to strike into a Tench weighing in the region of 6lb. Roger Russell netted 5 carp from peg 19 to give him over 16lb from what proved to a be difficult end of the pond on the day.

    Peg Angler
    1 (A) Brendon Ions
    2 (A) Mike Collins
    3 (A) Dave Abrams
    4 (A) Jamie Rich
    Section win
    5 (A) Darren Roberts
    6 (B) Alan Gage
    7 (B) Mark Hollister
    Section win
    8 (B) Scott Russell
    9 (B) Steve Bishop
    10 (B) Steve Bush
    11 (C) Les Braunton
    12 (C) Mike Thomas
    Section win
    13 (C) Mike Hosgood
    14 (C) Butch Baker
    15 (C) Dave Lawrence
    16 (D) Steve Osborne
    17 (D) Roy Fowler
    18 (D) Steve Chant
    19 (D) Roger Russell
    20 (D) John Anderson
    Section win


    Sunday 28th March 2010 - Perry Street Spring League

    This was the first match of the ten match Perry Street Spring League. Each angler will have the opportunity to draw a corner peg twice over the course of the ten matches. First place in each match will be awarded 20 points, 2nd place 19 points, 3rd place 18 points....... 20th place 1 point. All ten matches will count in this year's league. There are four sections, Section A (Peg 1-5) Section B (Peg 6-10) Section C (Peg 11 - 15) and Section D (16-20).

    1st Place - Steve Bishop 28lb

    2nd Place - Chris Haines 24lb 7oz

    3rd Place - Les Braunton 23lb 13oz

    Section A - Terry Green

    Section B - Alan Gage

    Section C - Mike Hosgood

    Section D - John Anderson

    Click this link to go to the league table.

    As well as the league there is an individual and pairs knockout competition Today's match saw the start of the individual matches.

    Through to the next round
    Mike Collins
    Darren Roberts Darren Roberts
    John Anderson
    Alan Gage Alan Gage
    Mike Hosgood
    Terry Green Mike Hosgood
    Steve Osborne
    Les Braunton Les Braunton


    Sunday 21st March 2010 - Chard Reservoir

    Peg Angler
    28 Les Braunton
    29 Terry Green
    34 Steve Osborne
    35 Butch Baker
    36 Brendon Ions
    37 Jamie Rich
    38 Dave Lawrence
    40 Dave Abrams
    Section Win
    42 Bob Hammond
    43 Paul Blake
    44 Alan Gage
    45 Mike Thomas
    46 Steve Bishop
    47 Graham Pepper
    48 Mike Hosgood
    49 John Anderson
    50 Mark Leahy
    Section Win

    Saturday 20th March - Perry Street - Floating Islands

    With the help of the Environmental Agency, the club have constructed six floating islands for Perry Street Pond. The floating platforms have been planted with aquatic marginals in a coir medium and anchored to the bank. These will help reduce the algae and improve oxygenation of the water. Once the plants are fully grown, the islands will not only be aesthetically pleasing, they will provide a habitat sanctuary above and below the water and provide a spawning medium. A big thanks to all those that gave up their Saturdays to help construct and install all the platforms.

    Sunday 14th March 2010 - Perry Street

    Peg Angler
    1 Les Braunton
    3 Chris Haines
    5 Alan Gage
    6 Steve Osborne
    7 Butch Baker
    8 John Anderson
    Section Win
    10 Dave Bull
    11 Roy Fowler
    13 Dave Lawrence
    14 Mike Thomas
    Section Win
    15 Terry Green
    17 Steve Bush


    Sunday 7th March 2010 - Perry Street

    Peg Angler
    1 (A) Steve Osborne
    3 (B) Mark Leahy
    4 (B) Alan Gage
    6 (B) Dave Abrams
    7 (B) Steve Bishop
    8 (B) Butch Baker
    Section Win
    10 (A) Mike Thomas
    11 (A) Steve Bush
    13 (A) Les Braunton
    Section Win
    14 (A) Dave Lawrence
    15 (A) Mike Collins
    17 (B) John Anderson
    20 (A) Roy Fowler


    Sunday 28th February 2010 - Perry Street

    Peg Angler
    1 (A) Roy Fowler
    3 (B) Steve Osborne
    4 (B) Alan Gage
    6 (B) Butch Baker
    7 (B) Les Braunton
    8 (B) Steve Bush
    Section Win
    10 (A) Steve Chant
    11 (A) Mike Collins
    12 (A) John Anderson
    13 (A) Terry Green
    Section Win
    14 (A) Dave Lawrence
    15 (A) Steve Bishop
    17 (B) Bob


    Sunday 21st February 2010 - Reservoir

    Another cold day at the Reservoir. Twelve anglers competed in the first of this year's scheduled Reservoir matches. As expected, weights were not high. Bream didn't show although a couple of anglers believed they "had one on" but lost it. Mike Hosgood started slow but picked up the pace near the end to weigh 11lb of Skimmers and Roach. Not far behind him was Alan 'Picky' Gage with 10lb off peg 35. Les B managed to take 3rd spot with 7lb. Section wins went to Brendan Ions and Mike Thomas.

    Bob Hammond (Peg 44) and Butch Baker (Peg 43) -- Mike Hosgood (Peg 46)

    Peg Angler
    35 Alan Gage
    36 Les Braunton
    37 Brendon Ions
    Section Win
    38 Steve Osborne
    40 Mike Collins
    42 Dave Lawrence
    43 Butch Baker
    44 Bob Hammond
    45 Mike Thomas
    Section Win
    46 Mike Hosgood
    47 John Anderson
    48 Steve Bush


    Sunday 14th February 2010 - Perry Street

    All the otter fencing was now complete and the start of today's match was spent clearing out the Leat of leaves, twigs and silt, to give a better water flow into the Pond. The match started at 10.45 with 9 anglers braving the cold weather. Steve Bush caught early on, followed by Les and then MikeT. Butch was catching silvers down in Peg 3 and every where else was quiet. The cold biting wind and the lack of biting fish saw Mark Leahy pack up early to get home in time for the Rugby, followed by Roy Fowler, Alan Gage and Dave Lawrence. Steve Bush managed to bag a few more carp in the last hour to give him an impressive weight of 15lb and first place on the day. Les and Mike T ended up with one fish a piece, with Les' weighing just short of 5lb to take 2nd place and MrT with 3rd place. Butch Weighed in his skimmers to give him just over a 1lb. Next week's match is on the Resi.

    Peg Angler
    3 Butch Baker 1.09  
    4 Alan Gage DNW  
    5 Dave Lawrence DNW  
    6 Mike Thomas 2.08 3rd
    7 Les Braunton 4.13 2nd
    13 Steve Bush 15.06 1st
    14 Roy Fowler DNW  
    15 Mark Leahy DNW  
    17 Mike Collins 0.00  


    Sunday 7th February 2010 - Otter Fencing

    A number of club members gave up their spare time to help erect Otter proof fencing around Perry Street Pond. Over the past few weeks it has become evident that Otters have been feasting heavily on the Carp and therefore, with the help of the EA, the club has invested in fencing and a new gate to prevent the Otters reaching the water.

    Sunday 24th January 2010 - Perry Street

    This was the first club match of the new year and the results speak for themselves. The cold weather and the local Otter is making fishing difficult but the corner pegs all managed to produce carp albeit in small numbers.

    Peg Angler
    1 Butch Baker
    3 Dave Lawrence
    4 Darren Roberts
    5 Dave Bull
    6 Ian Hornby
    7 Mark Hollister
    Section Win
    8 Steve Osborne
    9 Roy Fowler
    10 Mike Thomas
    Section Win
    11 Steve Bishop
    12 Dave Abrams
    13 Mark Leahy
    14 Mike Collins
    15 Les Braunton
    16 Chris Haines
    17 Terry Green
    20 Steve Bush
    Section Win


    Sunday 21st December 2009 - Xmas Fayre

    This year's Xmas Fayre was moved to the Reservoir due to Perry Street Pond freezing over. The match was fished on the dam wall to give everyone a fair chance and leave the woods open for any carp angler who wanted to brave the elements. 18 anglers tried their hardest to catch anything that swam, but the cold water left everyone struggling and 5 anglers with empty nets. The seagulls and ducks were happy to take the bait though. Although the fishing was somewhat disappointing the traditional meal back at the Cotley Inn made up for it. Everyone took home a very nice prize at the end of the day.

    Peg Angler
    1 Bob Hammond
    2 Mike Collins
    3 Steve Osborne
    4 Dave Abrams
    5 Mark Garner
    6 Chris Haines
    7 Butch Baker
    8 Mark Hollister
    9 Steve Chant
    10 Les Braunton
    11 Mike Hosgood
    12 Mark Leahy
    13 Steve Bishop
    14 Mike Thomas
    15 John Anderson
    16 Darren Roberts
    17 Alan Gage

    The Dam Wall ..... cold and fishless

    Sunday 22nd Novemeber 2009 (Perry Street Pond)

    Peg Angler
    Section 1
    1 Roy Fowler
    2 Allan Dunn
    3 Terry Green
    4 Mike Thomas
    5 Darren Roberts
    6 John Anderson
    16 Mark Hollister
    Section win
    17 Steve Chant
    20 Alan Gage
    Peg Angler
    Section 2
    7 Mike Collins
    8 Steve Osborne
    9 Mark Leahy
    10 Butch Baker
    11 Les Braunton
    Section win
    12 Dave Abrams
    13 Steve Bush
    14 Steve Bishop
    15 Dave Lawrence


    Sunday 15th November 2009 (Reservior match 9)

    Mark Leahy's impressive win today from the dam wall secured him first place in the 2009 Reservior League with 13 points as well as top aggreagate weight overall. Second league place went to Denis Stepney with 29 points, Third spot was Les Braunton with 31 points and Ashley Tomkins and Mike Hosegood shared 4th place with 33 points. Full results to follow shortly.

    Sunday 8th November 2009 (Perry Street Pond)

    Peg Angler
    Section 1
    1 Alan Gage
    3 Dave Abrams
    Section win
    4 Roy Fowler
    5 John Anderson
    15 Steve Osborne
    16 Daren Roberts
    20 Dave Lawrence
    Section 2
    6 Les Braunton
    7 Steve Bishop
    Section win
    8 Steve Bush
    10 Butch Baker
    11 Mark Leahy
    13 Mike Collins
    14 Allan Dunn


    Sunday 1st November 2009 (Reservoir match 8)

    Despite the horrendous winds and rain, 19 anglers took to the bank in this penultimate round of the league. Most anglers caught Skimmers and Bream. Dennis Stepney caught 48lb from peg 46 to take first place. Alan Gage who was on peg 44 took second place with 27lb and third spot went to Mark Leahy with 26lb, which continues his good run and gives him a clear lead in the league.

    Section wins went to Mike Hosgood and Scott Russell.

    Sunday 25th October 2009 (Perry Street Pond)

    This was the second match of Les' five match specials. Peg 10 ran true to form with Steve Bush catching 57lb of carp to win the match. On Peg 11, Steve Chant battled with a thick blanket of leaves for the whole of the match, a lot of which had blown over from Peg 10 just as the 'all-in' was called. Steve Bishop managed to tease out a few carp in peg 3 to give him second place. Third place went to Les Braunton who had a double figure carp early on.

    Sections wins went to Mark Leahy and Alan Gage.

    Peg Angler
    Section 1
    1 Steve Osborne
    3 Steve Bishop
    4 Mark Leahy
    Section Win
    5 Dave Lawrence
    6 John Anderson
    20 Darren Roberts
    Section 2
    7 Les Braunton
    8 Alan Gage
    Section Win
    10 Steve Bush
    11 Steve Chant
    13 Mike Thomas
    14 Butch Baker
    15 Mike Collins


    Sunday 18th October 2009 (Reservoir match 7)

    Twenty one anglers competed in the seventh match of the league. The colder autumn weather has started to affect the catch rate. Top weight on the day was 26lb which came from Brendan Ions on peg 23 of the Dam Wall. You then had to travel to the other end of the Resi for second place, with Mike Hosgood catching 25lb 13oz from peg 48. Alan Gage took third place with 24lb 10oz from peg 46.

    Section wins went to Mark Leahy, Graham Pepper and Les Braunton

    Sunday 11th October 2009 (Perry Street Pond)

    Les has organised five matches on Perry Street Pond to fill in between the Reservoir League. Peg 4 was taken out of the match due to a wasps nest but all other pegs where filled. Results on the day where as follows.....

    Peg Angler
    Section 1
    Les Braunton
    Roy Fowler
    Paul Blake
    Section Win
    Mike Collins
    Golden Peg
    Steve Osborne
    Section 2
    7 Mark Leahy
    Section Win
    8 John Loader
    9 Steve Bush
    10 Steve Chant
    1st Place
    11 Dave Abrams
    2nd Place
    Section 3
    12 Allan Dunn
    13 John Anderson
    14 Butch Baker
    15 Alan Gage
    Section Win
    16 Mike Thomas
    Section 4
    17 Ashley Tomkins
    Section Win
    18 Steve Bishop
    19 Dave Lawrence
    20 Scott Russell
    3rd Place

    Steve Chant with part of his 59lb catch

    Dave ' specimen angler' Abrams (2nd) and Steve Chant (1st) waiting to collect their winnings

    Sunday 4th October 2009 (Resi match 6)

    Yet another good turn out for the 6th match in the league, with 23 anglers taking to the bank. With the weather now turning colder and the Roach starting to switch off everyone turned to the skimmers and Bream. Although the weights where not so good as the previous match, Alan Gage managed to amass a weight of 45lb consisting of 2 Bream and 45 skimmers to take 1st place. Mike Hosgood was not far behind with 39lb of Bream and Dave Abrams with 33lb took third place..

    Section wins went to Denis Stepney, Butch Baker, Les Braunton and Paul Blake.

    Sunday 13th September 2009 (Resi match 5)

    Another good turn out of 23 anglers for match 5 of the reservoir League. Weights remained good with over half the field catching upwards of 20lb each. Top weight on the day went to Dennis Stepney with 52lb 8 oz, closely followed by his driving companion, Chris Whitefield, with 52lb 3oz. Third spot was taken by Mike 'feeder' Hosgood and his bag of Bream weighing 47lb 4oz and fourth place came from the dam wall with Steve Chant catching 39lb 13oz.

    Section wins went to Mark Leahy, Scott Russell and Brendan Ions.

    Sunday 30th and Monday 31st August 2009 (2 day Bank Holiday Match)

    Nineteen anglers entered the 2 day Bank Holiday match on Chard Reservoir. The weather was overcast with a strong breeze towards the dam wall. The ripple on the water appeared to provide ideal Bream conditions. Although many anglers where not put off by the threat of large nets of Bream being caught and spent the 2 days targeting Roach, they were not disappointed.

    John Anderson, Nicky Collins, Les Braunton and ButchBaker (pegs 46 to 43, on day 2) all on the feeder.

    Brendan Ions (Peg 50) and Steve Bishop (Peg 49) both had impressive weights of Roach on day 2 to take 3rd place and 1st place respectively.

    Dave Abrams on Peg 48 netting a Bream in the last hour to take a section win.

    Click to go to the full results from the 2 days.

    Sunday 23rd August 2009 - Reservoir League (match 4)

    First place on the day went to Chris Whitefield on peg 35 with 53lb 10oz of Bream. 2nd place was Les Braunton with 46ln 12oz of Bream from peg 27. Third spot was taken by Mark Leahy on peg 46 with 43lb 14oz of Bream and fourth place went to Steve Osborne with 41lb from peg 24.

    Section wins - A) Dave Abrams, B) Scott Russell, C) Ashley Tomkins, D) Nicky Collins, E) Dennis Stepney and F) Steve Kedge

    Sunday 9th August 2009 - Reservoir League (match 3)

    Anglers from all across the South West are now competing in this ever popular league. Attendance in today's match was 25 and the conditions for a change was clear and sunny. Roach seemed to be the target for most anglers and there were plenty to be had. Ashley Tomkins proved that on Peg 50 catching over 300 fish to amass over 45lb and earn him top place on the day. Chris Haines took second place with 37lb of Roach from peg 28 on the Dam Wall. Third spot went to Steve Kedge who weighed in 35lb of silvers and not far behind him was Steve Bishop with just over 34lb.

    Section wins went to Mark Leahy (peg 29), Allan Dunn (peg 33), Brendan Ions (peg 35), Steve Osborne (peg 44) and John Loader (peg 47).

    Sunday 26th July 2009 - Reservoir League (match 2)

    Mark Leahy took first place with 82lb 12oz of Bream from peg 35, making this his second win in a row and not dropping any points so far. Second place went to Chris Whitefield on peg 39 with a 68lb 4oz bag of Bream. Third place went to Chris Haines with an impressive Roach bag weighing over 42lb. Section wins, with weights over 30lb each, went to Mike Hosgood, Ashley Tomkins and Les Braunton. This proved to be a good day's fishing for almost all the 21 anglers who braved the elements.

    Sunday 12th July 2009 - Reservoir League (match 1)

    Twenty three anglers turned up for the start of the 2009 Reservoir League. Les pegged the match into four sections, section A - pegs 17 to 25, section B - pegs 31 to 37, section C - pegs 38 to 44 and section D - pegs 45 to 50. This will vary depending upon the numbers fishing during each match. Points are.... 1 point for 1st, 2 for 2nd and 3 for 3rd etc. Not only is the match split into sections it is also split into two groups. Group 1 - pegs 17 to 37 and Group 2 - 38 to 50, with 1st, 2nd, 3rd places etc coming from each group. See the results section for the first match results.

    1st was Mark Leahy with a 60lb bag of Bream (12 off) from peg 45.

    2nd was Denis Stepney on peg 37 with 33lb 7oz.

    3rd was Mike Hosgood with 31lb 4oz of Skimmers and Roach, caught on the waggler at 35 to 40m on peg 50.

    Sections wins went to Allan Dunn on peg 25 with 29lb 5oz, Graham Pepper on peg 31 with 31lb 3oz (just missing out on 3rd place by an ounce), Chris Haines with 29lb 14oz of Roach from peg 44 and Les Braunton with 28lb 12oz of Bream from peg 46.

    This was a great start to this year's league with half the field catching more than 20lb each. The next match is on Sunday 26th July.

    Sunday 7th June 2009 - Perry Street League (match 8)

    This was the final match of this year's Perry Street Spring League. The bookies favorite, Chris Haines drew peg 20 and a further contender for the title, Steve Bush pulled out peg 10, the anglers favorite. Both Allan Dunn and Jamie Rich, who were also in the top four, drew pegs they didn't want, 2 and 5.

    The results on the day....

    1st Mark Hollister 55lb 6oz

    2nd Mark Leahy 28lb 5oz

    3rd Jamie Rich 15lb 7oz

    Section wins went to Allan Dunn, Steve Bush,Terry Nibblet and Chris Haines.

    Winner of the singles Knockout was Terry Nibblet.

    Winners of the Pairs Knockout was Les Braunton and Jamie Rich.

    The overall League results:

    Joint winners with 114 points each went to Steve Bush and Chris Haines.

    In third place was Jamie Rich with 112 points


    Friday 15th May 2009 - Club Annual General Meeting

    The AGM was held at the Windwhistle Inn, Cricket St Thomas, near Chard, and was well attended. A number of new rules have been introduced to protect the fish, the waters and the environment, namely....

    No floating baits to be fed or used on the hook at Perry Street Pond or at Sadbarow.

    No open fires on any club waters.

    It was disappointing to learn that some anglers have been defecating in the woods at Chard Reservoir and not using the ecoloo on site. This has lead to complaints which the Club is taking very seriously. Anyone caught defecating on any club run waters will be instantly banned from the club and reported to the relevant authorities. The Club does not condone such disgusting acts and will not allow the future of any of its waters to be jeopardised due to a small minority of inconsiderate anglers. Please pass this message on to other fellow anglers on behalf of the Club.

    The two rod rule at Chard Reservoir will be lifted in October 2009 to allow 3 rods to be fished. Further details will be published on this later.

    Membership fees are not increasing.

    The new Club booklet (out on June 1st) will outline changes to the committee, rule changes and this year's sponsors.

    Sunday 10th May 2009 - Perry Street League (match 6)

    The centre of the pond produced the best weights today, although the ever popular peg 10 didn't miss out. Terry Green, peg 4, took top spot with 37lb 10oz, Second went to Alan Gage with 35lb 8oz from peg 7. In third place was Mark Hollister with a bag of carp and tench from peg 10 weighing 28lb 14oz.Chris Haines, who didn't have such a good day in peg 2 today, still leads with 88 points. Allan Dunn remains in close second with 85 points. Section wins went to Jamie Rich, Steve Bush, Mike Hosgood and Butch Baker

    Sunday 26th April 2009 - Perry Street League (match 5)

    Three anglers were left to draw a corner peg leaving one lucky person the chance to draw a corner peg for the second time. The popular peg 10 was drawn by Steve Chant and true to form the peg produced the top weight on the day again, 33lb 8oz. Well done Steve. The unstoppable Chris Haines took 2nd place from peg 7 with a respectable 30lb of carp and eels. This takes Chris to 7 clear points at the top of the league. Allan Dunn remains well positioned in second place to give Chris a run for his money. Allan, who weighed 23lb 4oz from peg 12 was pushed into 4th place on the day by Steve Osborne on peg 6 who weighed 24lb 8oz. Dave Lawrence stood in for Jamie Rich, who was off hunting pussy in Holland ...Catfish I think someone said! Unfortunately Dave's antics and behavior on the day meant that Les had to issue his first red card of the season (well almost). Section wins went to Terry Green, Mike Collins, Allan Dunn and Mike Thomas. League table and results so far.

    1st Steve Chant (Center), 2nd Chris Haines (Right), 3rd Steve Osborne (Left)

    For some it was just too much!

    No wonder Jamie didn't get many points, Dave spent most of the match drinking coffee.


    Sunday 19th April 2009 - Perry Street League (match 4)

    Jamie (and friends) in peg 11 fighting a sizable Carp

    Today's match marked the half way point in the league and with a good sunny start it promised to be a good day's fishing. The Corner pegs 1, 10 and 11 ran true to form again with a very impressive weight of 80lb from Mark Leahy in peg 10. Allan Dunn took 2nd place on the day with 35lb in peg 19. Chris Haines continued his good run with 26lb from peg 1 and maintains his top spot in the league. Darren Roberts took 4th place with over 23lb from peg 17. Section wins went to Steve Chant, Terry Green, Jamie Rich and Mark Hollister. League table and results so far.

    To make things more interesting a pairs and singles knockout has been running throughout the league. The pairs concluded today with Les Braunton and Jamie Rich taking the honors. The preliminary round of the singles also started today and continues on next week. More results next week.

    Good Friday Match - 10th April 2009 at Perry Street

    Steve Chant netting one of his Tench in Peg 1

    All pegs were taken on today's Good Friday match. Les Braunton won easily from peg 10 with 29lb of Carp and Tench. Second place went to Steve Bush on Peg 7 with 13lb 4 oz of carp. Third place was awarded to Steve Chant with 12lb 12oz of mainly Tench from peg 1, closely followed by Mike Thomas in Peg 20 with 4 Carp for 12lb 8oz. It didn't go unnoticed that Dave Abrams was up to his old tricks again by trying to nestle in on someone else's peg. Nobody would be surprised if he is not flouting the 14.5 meter rule by repainting his 16M butt section with 14.5M......we are watching him closely! Section wins went to Jamie Rich, Mark Leahy, Terry Green and Dave Abrams. Full results below and no doubt an anglers eye account of the match on Jamie's blog (link above).

    Peg Angler
    1 Steve Chant 12.12 3rd
    2 Jamie Rich 9.04 Section win
    3 Allan Dunn DNW  
    4 Scott Russell 9.01  
    5 Alvin Jones 3.08  
    Section 2
    6 Mike Collins 1.04  
    7 Steve Bush 13.04 2nd
    8 Mark Leahy 5.06 Section win
    9 Alan Gage 3.06  
    10 Les Braunton 29.00 1st
    Section 3
    11 John Anderson 4.10  
    12 Darren Roberts DNW  
    13 Butch Baker DNW  
    14 Terry (Nibblet) Green 10.10 Section win
    15 Roger Russell DNW  
    Section 4
    16 Roy Fowler 1.14  
    17 Steve Osborne DNW  
    18 Steve Bishop 3.10  
    19 Dave Abrams 4.06 Section win
    20 Mike Thomas 12.08 4th


    Sunday 5th April 2009 - Perry Street

    Although the sun shone making fishing pleasant for a change, the frost the previous night seemed to adversely effect the weights. The top weight came from Peg 11, Alan 'Picky' Gage with 32lb. Second place went to Steve Bush on Peg 13, with 14lb and third spot was taken by Allan Dunn on peg 9 with over 11lb. For the full scores and latest placing's in the league go to Fixtures/Results

    Sunday 29th March 2009 - Reservior Match

    It looked like another tough day on the reservoir even though the sun shone for the first day of summer. 15 anglers took part in the match with the top weight coming from peg 45. For a full write up go to Jamie's site. Full results for the match:

    Section 1
    Peg Angler
    35 Mark Hollister
    36 Dave Abrams
    37 Mike Collins
    38 Steve Osborne
    Section win
    39 Alan Gage
    Section 2
    Peg Angler
    40 Terry Nibblet
    42 Mike Hosgood
    Section win
    43 Darren Roberts
    44 Butch Baker
    45 Les Braunton
    Section 3
    Peg Angler
    46 John Anderson
    47 Keith
    48 Jamie Rich
    49 Mark Leahy
    50 Dave Lawrence
    Section win

    Sunday 22nd March 2009

    See fixtures/results for the latest scores from this week's match.

    Sunday 15th March 2009

    This was the start of the Perry Street Spring League. All 20 pegs have been taken again this year with a number of anglers in reserve. This year substitutes will be allowed. After all the wintery weather it was good to see the sun shinning and the air temperature warm which resulted in some good weights on the bank. Chris Haines picked up where he left off last year and took top spot with 68lb 14oz from peg 6. Darren Roberts, who has also had a good run at Perry Street, took 2nd place with 39lb 4oz on the popular peg 10. Steve Bush, who drew peg 1 for the second time this month weighed in 37lb 8oz to take 3rd. John Anderson came 4th with 33lb.

    Sunday 8th March 2009

    The snow had managed to take down one of the trees at Perry Street Pond so a few keen anglers, armed with chain saw, loppers and ropes spent the first 2 hours clearing away tree trunks and branches. Steve Osborne donned the kinky yellow and black floatation suit.....again! A big thanks to everyone that turned up. After all the physical heave-hoing had subsided and Steve had got out of his rubber suit, 12 anglers drew pegs for a a five and half hour match. Although the day started sunny, the weather turned quite nasty. Steve Chant packed up and left early due to wind. Les managed to hook into a carp which rolled on the surface and then disappeared to never be seen again. It was allegedly massive...a bit like the Loch Ness Monster's dad according to how he described it. Rockin Roy managed to empty all the contents of his seat box into the water and spent the next 10 minutes fishing for anything left floating. He did get 2nd on the day so he did have some extra cash to be able to replenish his kit...if that's any consolation. Alan 'Picky' Gage had a cracking day, filling up both his keep nets to amass 51lb of carp. Well done Alan. Full results for the day was:

    Section A
    Peg Angler
    3 Terry Nibblet
    4 Les Braunton
    5 Steve Bishop 8.08  
    6 Steve Osborne 7.08  
    7 Dave Abrams 16.14 Section Win
    8 Roy Fowler


    Section B
    Peg Angler
    13 Alan Gage 51.00 1st
    14 Mark Hollister 22.08 3rd
    15 Mike Thomas 8.08 Section Win
    16 Steve Chant DNW  
    17 Butch Baker DNW  
    18 Mike Collins 3.08  

    Sunday 1st March 2009

    Today's match was split into 3 sections. Section A (Pegs 1-3 and 17-19) fished reasonably well with winning weights coming out of the very end pegs. Steve Bush took top spot on peg 1 with 44lb of carp. Darren Roberts didn't managed to get into the top 4 but did take a section win from peg 20. Section B (middle pegs on the pond) seen the most consistent weights, with four out of the five pegs weighing more than 20lb each. Mark Hollister, who had nobody fishing either side of him, took 2nd place from peg 5 with a weight of 38lb. Opposite him was Allan Dunn who caught steadily throughout the day and weighed 36lb of carp. Although Butch Baker had a mixed bag weighing 21lb, Roy Fowler took the section with 22lb. Section C was not so good. Three out the six anglers did not weigh, Dave 'all arms' Abrams being one of them in the normally favored peg 10. Opposite him in peg 11, Mike Hosgood failed to catch despite all the groundbait he lobed in.... he must have shares in Sensas. Mike Thomas took 4th place on the day from peg 13 and Mark Leahy, who caught very early on the feeder, took the section with 18lb on peg 8. For the full results see below:

    Section A
    Peg Angler
    1 Steve Bush
    2 Graham Pepper
    3 Mike Collins
    17 Steve Osborne
    19 Alan Gage
    20 Darren Roberts
    Section Winner


    Section B
    Peg Angler
    5 Mark Hollister
    7 Butch Baker
    14 Allan Dunn
    15 Roy Fowler
    Section Winner
    16 Steve Bishop


    Section C
    Peg Angler
    8 Mark Leahy
    Section Winner
    9 Les Braunton
    10 Dave Abrams
    11 Mike Hosgood
    12 Terry Nibblet 10.00  
    13 Mike Thomas

    Sunday 22nd February 2009

    The rescheduled Sadborow league match was held on Perry Street Pond, pegs 1 to 9 because of depleted stock levels in Sadborow Pond. The previous week on Sadborow pond was tough going with only 3 anglers catching a few ounces each, so the final match was moved to Perry Street to give everyone a chance to catch. Before the start of the match Alan 'Picky' Gage was way out in front on points with Les Braunton 6 points behind him. Despite a good weight from Les on the day, Alan cruised home to take the title. Mike 'Mr T' Thomas managed to bag up on peg 1 to weigh a respectful 21lb of carp and take first place, despite all the accusations from Steve Chant in peg 2 that most of them had been caught using a technique developed and mastered by Dave Abrams known as 'up the bum'. Roy 'Rockin' Fowler took 2nd place on the day with 11lb 14oz, closely followed by Les with 11lb 13oz.

    The league was won by Alan Gage (52 points), 2nd Les Braunton (48 points), 3rd Mike Thomas (44 points) and 4th was Roy Fowler (41 points)


    Sunday 8th February 2009

    As Perry Street Pond was iced over the decision was made to move the match to the Reservoir and hold it on the dam wall. However the continuing cold weather overnight iced up a large stretch of water in front of the dam wall so the match was pegged in the woods from 42 through to 48. 7 anglers braved the elements - Dave Lawrence (42), Ashley Tomkins (43), Mike Collins (44), Mike Thomas (45), Les Braunton (46), Steve Bishop (47) and Dave Abrams (48). It looked like it was going to be a tough day. Everyone scaled down in the hope of an odd roach showing in their peg. Les took an early lead with a nice roach. Ashley missed a bite and spent the next 2 hours telling everyone. Hours passed and not even a knock. Les was hanging on to his lead when all of a sudden Mike Collins rod bent double and nodded up and down, surely it must have been a bream........ no! it was one of those diving ducks on the end of his line, much to Mike's annoyance and Les' amusement. This didn't just happen the once though as Mike managed to hook into another duck later on in the match. Ashley packed up and headed off to watch football on the TV, probably a wise decision. Les managed to catch one further roach to prove that the first was not a fluke.. So the scores on the doors, Les Braunton 1st with 2 small Roach, everyone else joint second with zero fish. Mike Collins - two ducks, safely returned.

    Sunday 1st February 2009 - Sadborow Match 8

    A strong easterly wind drove temperatures down again making fishing very tough. Alan Gage was the only angler to manage to catch a carp in the match although Les Braunton managed to drag a small carp in on the end of his plummet before the 'all in'...who needs bait! This led everyone to think that the pegs where going to be solid with fish, but it wasn't to be. Desperate measures saw Allan Dunn pull out some old canal fishing tricks to snag three tiny roach in the last half an hour. Despite letting slip his closely guarded secret and a number of fellow anglers then trying to copy him, nobody else caught. Please let us have a bit of warmer weather. It looks like Alan Gage is way out in front in the league on 47 points with second place on 34 points.

    Sunday 25th January 2009

    The weather was more favorable than the last Perry Street match and for some it proved to be a good days fishing. The carp seem to hang around the deeper water in front of peg 7, 8, 13 and 14. The corner pegs ran true to form although not as productive as they can be in the spring.

    Position Peg Angler Weight
    1st 8 Darren Roberts 49.04
    2nd 13 Mike Thomas 38.02
    3rd 1 Chris Haines 28.00
    4th 14 Mark Hollister 25.06
    5th 7 Terry Niblet 22.08
    6th 20 Dave Lawrence 18.08
    7th 10 Dave Abrams 17.06
    8th 11 Les Braunton 14.04
    9th 15 Allan Dunn 13.04
    10th 17 Butch Baker 3.04
    11th 4 Mike Collins 1.10
    12th 3 Mark Lehay DNW
      5 Steve Bush DNW
      16 Alan Gage DNW

    Sunday 11th January 2009

    Perry street pond had a covering of 2 inches of thick ice, but according to some anglers that was not going to stop the fishing! A number of willing volunteers decided that the ice was not going to spoil their Sunday match and embarked on major ice clearing on the Saturday...that's dedication for you, thanks guys!

    On Sunday 12 anglers braved the cold conditions and fished to a maximum of 5 meters out in their ice holes. Steve Bishop caught one perch to win the match, followed by Steve Osborne with a slightly smaller perch for second place. Third place was shared by the other 10 anglers who caught nothing.


    Sunday 4th January 2009

    The Sadborow league was disrupted by the continuing arctic weather conditions. No breaking of ice today though! instead the match was cancelled.


    Sunday 16th November 2008 - Final Match of this year's Reservoir League

    This year the league was decided on points and total weight over the eight matches.

    On points - 1st Les Braunton 23 Points, 2nd Mike Hosgood 28 points, 3rd Mark Leahy 30 points, 4th Dave Abrams 34 points and 5th Chris Haines 35 points.

    On Weight - 1st Mike Hosgood 209lb 3oz, 2nd Les Braunton 197lb 14oz, 3rd Dave Abrams 160lb 8oz, 4th Mark Leahy 149lb 3oz and 5th Chris Haines 123lb 5oz.


    Friday 7th November 2008 - Committee Meeting

    At the above meeting it was agreed that the club should continue with its stocking policy and restock both Perry Street and Sadborrow ponds. A large amount of carp will go in both ponds over the next few weeks. This is a substantial investment for the club and therefore it is important that all members abide by the club's fishing rules in order to safeguard the welfare of these fish.


    Sunday 24th and Monday 25th August 2008

    CHARD Angling Club held their annual two-day open over the bank holiday weekend. Day one saw the anglers on Perry Street pond. Mark Hollister drew corner peg 11 and ran out a convincing winner with 49lb 10oz of carp. Mark Leahy was second with 35lb 12oz from peg 14 and Mike Hosgood finished third from peg 8 with 25lb 12oz. Day two saw the action switch to the reservoir and although the weights were not as big as the previous match, quite a few bream and loads of roach were caught. Darren Roberts was top with 33lb 10oz of bream from peg 35 on the groundbait feeder, Steve Bush was just behind with 33lb 8oz from peg 43 and Les Braunton finished third with 30lb 7oz. The overall winner of the festival was Steve Bishop, who tied with Bush on points but claimed the title thanks to a superior weight.

    Overall results: 1 Steve Bishop (Chard), 5pts, 48lb 6oz; 2 Steve Bush (Chard), 5pts, 37lb 1oz; 3 Ashley Tomkins (Yeovil and District Angling Centre), 6pts, 39lb 2oz; 4 Mark Hollister (Chard), 7pts, 70lb 12oz; 5 Scott Russell (Yeovil and District Angling Centre), 7pts, 49lb 6oz.


    Sunday 17th August 2008

    Dave takes angling honours with big carp - CHARD Angling Club fished the reservoir last Sunday and with a decent blow on the water, conditions were ideal. The resident bream population didn't disappoint and many bumper hauls were recorded. Leading the way was Dave Abrams, who was doing well in the match until he hooked a beast with half an hour to go. After doing battle for 40 minutes he finally netted a splendid carp of 20lb 12oz to seal victory. Along with his carp he had around a dozen bream for a winning 75lb 6oz from peg 44. Les Braunton also got among the bream to weigh 70lb 10oz from peg 47 to just edge out Jamie Rich, who was third. Rich had 18 bream from peg 45 for 69lb 14oz. All three fished the groundbait feeder with maggots or worm on the hook. Along with the bream there were lots of roach, perch and eels caught as well.

    Results: 1 Dave Abrams (Chard), 75lb 6oz; 2 Les Braunton (Chard Remains), 70lb 10oz; 3 Jamie Rich (Chard Remains), 69lb 14oz; 4 Mike Hosgood (Chard Raiders), 51lb 4oz; 5 Mark Leahy (Street), 40lb 12oz; 6 Dave Lawrence (Chard Raiders), 36lb 4oz.

    Sunday 3rd August 2008

    CONDITIONS were ideal for Chard Angling Club members fishing the reservoir on Sunday — until the last couple of hours when the heavens opened and everybody enjoyed a good soaking. Everybody caught fish and there were some fantastic bags of roach along with some decent bream. Winner on the day was Mike Hosgood, who continued his good form on the venue, with 15 bream on long range feeder tactics for 68lb 4oz from peg 48 in the woods. Runner-up was Les Braunton who had a net of mainly roach weighing 45lb from peg 50. He fished the whip with tares on the hook. Filling the last podium place was Dave Lawrence who also fished the whip on peg 35 and netted 27lb 4oz, again mainly roach. Results: 1 Mike Hosgood (Exeter) 68lb 4oz; 2 Les Braunton (Chard Remains) 45lb; 3 Dave Lawrence (Chard Remains) 27lb 4oz; 4 Scott Russell (Yeovil and District Angling Centre) 25lb 10oz; 5 Chris Haines (Haines Angling) 24lb 14oz.

    Saturday 21st June 2008 - Perry Street Pond has a hair cut!

    The vast majority of the lillies from the pond have now been removed to make fishing on all pegs more productive. The spread of lillies on a number of the pegs was so bad that it was making fishing almost impossible. Thanks to all those that turned up and spent the day either in the water or on the bank helping to drag out some very large stubborn lilly roots. The work has been done in time for the Junior matches that start on the 28th June.

    Sunday 4th May 2008

    The Sadborow Pond has now been stocked with a large number of year old Carp from the stock ponds. This will help regenerate the pond life and make future fishing more productive.

    Sunday 27th April 2008

    Chard Angling Club fished the fifth round of the Spring League on Perry Street Pond. This very popular league is sponsored by Haines Angling of Frome. Mike Hosgood drew consistent peg ten and made no mistakes to win with an excellent 61lb 14oz of mainly carp. Steve Bush continued his good run on this venue to take the runners up position with 47lb 10oz, again mostly carp, from peg 14. Third place went to the league's sponsor, Chris Haines, who is also enjoying excellent form in this series, with 38lb 9oz of carp and tench from peg one. advertisement Round six will be fished on Sunday, May 11. Results: 1 Mike Hosgood (Exeter) 61lb 14oz; 2 Steve Bush (Chard) 47lb 10oz; 3 Chris Haines (Haines Angling) 38lb 9oz; 4 Steve Bishop (Chard) 30lb 8oz. Section winners: A - Graham Pepper (Taunton) 26lb 6oz; B - Jamie Rich (Chard Remains) 29lb 10oz; C - Alan Dunn (Chard Remains) 30lb; D - Tommy Lee (Frome) 13lb 12oz.

    Sunday 20th April 2008

    Bream started to show in large numbers during Sunday's club match, with large weights coming out on the usual higher pegs. The match was won with over 100lb of good sized slabs. The dam wall didn't fish as well as the woods but nevertheless Bream did turn up there to give Anglers a not too disappointing day.

    Sunday 2nd March 2008

    It was maximum points for Mark Hollister in the first of Chard and District Angling Club's Spring League matches at Perry Street Pond. The league, sponsored by Haines Angling of Frome, has attracted a sell-out for the eight-match series. Mark, who drew peg 11, played his joker to double his points on the day. Fishing the pole with maggot and corn, he caught mainly carp in the three to six-pound range for a total of 42lbs 14oz and 40 points. Runner-up from peg 14 was Alan 'The Pup' Dunn, who also played his joker to amass 38 points. He fished pole at 13 metres and down the edge with maggot for 39lbs 2oz. Steve Bush was third and although disappointed by his corner peg draw number 20, he caught 26lbs 2oz. Fourth place went to Mike 'Mr T' Thomas who caught well at the end of the match from peg 15 for 21lbs 8oz. Graham 'Dino' Pepper was fifth from peg 18 with 12lbs 4oz. Sixth place with 11lbs 4oz was Les Braunton. Round two is this Sunday, March 16, and later in the week is the annual Easter match on Good Friday.